Evarcha Simon, 1902,

Richardson, Barry J., 2016, New genera, new species and redescriptions of Australian jumping spiders (Araneae: Salticidae), Zootaxa 4114 (5), pp. 501-560: 523

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Evarcha Simon, 1902


Evarcha Simon, 1902 

Type species: Araneus falcatus Clerk, 1758  , by subsequent designation.

Remarks. A widespread genus found from the Palaearctic and Africa to southern Asia and the Pacific. A single Evarcha  species, E. infrastriata (Keyserling, 1881)  , has previously been reported from Australia ( Żabka 1993; Richardson & Żabka 2015). The genus contains over a hundred, quite varying, species and is in need of revision. As presently constituted, it may include several genera ( Żabka 1993; W. Maddison, pers. com.).