Gangus longulus Simon, 1902,

Richardson, Barry J., 2016, New genera, new species and redescriptions of Australian jumping spiders (Araneae: Salticidae), Zootaxa 4114 (5), pp. 501-560: 558

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Gangus longulus Simon, 1902


Gangus longulus Simon, 1902 

Gangus longulus Simon, 1902: 390  . Syntype (s), M, F, Cooktown, whereabouts unknown, perhaps Paris. Thyene longula  — Prószyński & Deekman-Reinhold 2010: 184.

Transferred to Thyene  without documented evidence when Gangus  synonymized with Thyene ( Prószyński & Deeleman-Reinhold 2010)  . More recently, Prószyński (2014) has suggested this name be synonymized with Marptusa longula Thorell, 1881  (= Evarcha longula  ). He also suggested the Simon name be treated, incorrectly, as the senior synonym. No reasons or illustrations of the types were given for this action. As Simon (1902) states that G. longulus  has a laterally pointed, black, strong and sharp tibial apophysis while M. longula  has a short bifurcate tibial apophysis, this possible synonomy is unlikely. At the same time the new combination was transferred to Evarcha  on the basis of the similarity of the genitalia of M. longula  with that of Evarcha  (see ‘Remarks’ for Evarcha  , above).

Until the types or fresh material are found the status of this name is unknown.






Gangus longulus Simon, 1902

Richardson, Barry J. 2016

Gangus longulus

Proszynski 2010: 184
Simon 1902: 390