Trite Simon, 1885,

Richardson, Barry J., 2016, New genera, new species and redescriptions of Australian jumping spiders (Araneae: Salticidae), Zootaxa 4114 (5), pp. 501-560: 552-553

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Trite Simon, 1885


Trite Simon, 1885 

Type species: Trite pennata Simon, 1885  , by monotypy.

Remarks. The genus Trite  is widespread throughout the south-west Pacific area ( Żabka 1988). Though several species from mainland Australia have been placed previously in this genus, there is no evidence that it occurs there.

All the remaining species have been transferred elsewhere in the present revision with the single exception from Trite concinna ( Rainbow 1920)  from Lord Howe Island, an Australian island 700 km north-east of Sydney in the Tasman Sea. It is one of a chain of islands that occur on the western rim of an undersea shelf, the Lord Howe Rise that is not connected to continental Australia. The Rise is 3000 km long and extends from the west of New Caledonia to New Zealand.