Nyctiophylax (Paranyctiophylax) flavus, Oláh & Johanson, 2010

Oláh, János & Johanson, Kjell Arne, 2010, Fifteen new Trichoptera (Insecta) species from Sumatra, Indonesia, Zootaxa 2618 (1), pp. 1-35: 13-14

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.2618.1.1


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Nyctiophylax (Paranyctiophylax) flavus

new species

Nyctiophylax (Paranyctiophylax) flavus   , new species group

Species in this group have elongate, monolobed gonopods, each with a variously developed ventrobasal “elbow.” This gonopod structure is accompanied with downwardly curving ventral paraproctal processes, and the absence of sclerotization or completely absence of the dorsal paraproctal processes. Sternite IX is frequently produced into a ventroapical, median lobe of various lengths. The phallic organ has usually a long and slender, spine-like phallic apodeme or pseudoapodeme anterodorsally on the phallotheca (phallobase).

The 28 species in the group have representatives from the Oriental and East Palearctic Regions, and all Australasian species belongs here: N. amaltheia Malicky and Chantaramongkol   ( Thailand), N. anoana Malicky   ( Papua New Guinea), N. apicatus Neboiss   ( Australia), N. asuana (Kobayashi)   ( Japan), N. basispinosus Neboiss   ( Australia), N. dicellatus Neboiss   ( Australia), N. digitatus Martynov   (Far East Russia), N. eidolonus Neboiss   ( Australia), N. esli Malicky   (New Guinea), N. flavus Ulmer   ( Papua New Guinea), N. gyratus Neboiss   ( Papua New Guinea), N. icelus Neboiss   (Sulawesi), N. khaosokensis Malicky and Chantaramongkol   ( Thailand), N. kupirah   , new species ( Indonesia), N. lancelot Oláh and Johanson   ( Malaysia: Sabah), N. nepenthes Oláh and Johanson   ( Malaysia: Sabah), N. noctiflavus Mey   ( Philippines), N. padangensis Malicky   (Sumatra), N. parvus Mosely   ( Australia), N. pongdiatensis Malicky and Chantaramongkol   ( Thailand), N. repandus Neboiss   ( Australia), N. rhamphodes Neboiss   ( Australia), N. sagax Mey   ( Vietnam), N. simaritensis Malicky and Chantaramongkol   (Sumatra), N. spiculatus Neboiss   ( Australia), N. synorius Neboiss   (Bougainville Island), N. temburongensis Malicky   ( Brunei), N. traunensis Neboiss   ( Papua New Guinea).