Nyctiophylax Brauer, 1865

Oláh, János & Johanson, Kjell Arne, 2010, Fifteen new Trichoptera (Insecta) species from Sumatra, Indonesia, Zootaxa 2618 (1), pp. 1-35: 12

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.2618.1.1

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Nyctiophylax Brauer, 1865


Nyctiophylax Brauer, 1865  

The genus can be divided into 5 species groups based on morphology of the genitalia, particularly the shape of the gonopods and paraproctal structures. The species groups include the Nearctic, Palearctic, Oriental, Australasian, Afrotropical and Neotropical species. The presence of a forewing anal loop was applied by Neboiss (1993, 1994) to establish the genus Paranyctiophylax, but that species group was reduced to a subgenus of Nyctiophylax   by Malicky (1994). The presence or absence of the anal loop has not been examined consistently and is not mentioned in most species descriptions. Here we are not able to examine this character for all species. The unique forewing anal loop is apparently a derived character absent in the Nyctiophylax sinensis   species group. This species group also has robust and non-modified gonopods.