Mimosa aff. procurrens Benth.,

Margoth Atahuachi, M. Leontien Van Der Bent, John R. I. Wood, Gwilym P. Lewis & Colin E. Hughes, 2016, Bolivian Mimosa (Leguminosae, Mimosoideae): three new species and a species checklist, Phytotaxa 260 (3), pp. 201-222: 220

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http://doi.org/ 10.11646/phytotaxa.260.3.1



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Mimosa aff. procurrens Benth.


58. * Mimosa aff. procurrens Benth. 

Two recent collections (of flowering material, with very immature fruits), J. R. I. Wood & D. Soto 27165 ( LPB, K, USZ) and 27339 ( LPB, K, USZ) from near Taperas, Prov. Chiquitos, Santa Cruz clearly belong within Barneby’s (1991) subseries Hirsutae of sect. Mimosa  , ser. Mimosa  , and most closely match M. procurrens, representing a new country record for this subseries and species, with M. procurrens previously only known from southeastern Goias and the Distrito Federal in Brazil. While these collections are in almost all respects a good match for M. procurrens, the Taperas plants have an appressed indumentum on the leaflets, while M. procurrens is described as having glabrous or thinly spreading setose leaflets. With several closely allied species in subseries Hirsutae from adjacent Brazil and Paraguay, all of them currently represented by few collections, the identification of these new Bolivian collections as M. procurrens should be verified, especially once mature fruits are available. This species in Bolivia forms a prostrate functionally herbaceous plant arising from a small knotty xylopodium and is immediately recognizable within Bolivia by its sub-palmate (palmatipinnate) leaves with two pairs of pinnae. It grows in cerrado Chaqueño (Abayoy), apparently resprouting and flowering after fire, sometimes in seasonally moist places, but often on drier porous soils. Currently known in Bolivia from only a single locality and from incomplete material. Fruiting collections and additional populations should be sought.


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