Mimosa aff. weddelliana Benth,

Margoth Atahuachi, M. Leontien Van Der Bent, John R. I. Wood, Gwilym P. Lewis & Colin E. Hughes, 2016, Bolivian Mimosa (Leguminosae, Mimosoideae): three new species and a species checklist, Phytotaxa 260 (3), pp. 201-222: 221

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http://doi.org/ 10.11646/phytotaxa.260.3.1



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Mimosa aff. weddelliana Benth


60. * Mimosa aff. weddelliana Benth 

Although J. R. I. Wood et al. 26528 (Santa Cruz, Chiquitos, Desvio Yacuces 3km hacia Valle Hermoso, 19.0021 S, 58.1442 W, 156 m, zona de bosque chaqueño, lugares pantanosos inundados, LPB, K, USZ) is in some respects (armed shrub, appressed short scaberulous bulbous setae, striate ovate-acuminate stipules which are glabrous on faces, parallel-nerved leaflets, moriform capitula in bud, spathulate floral bracts) a good match for M. weddelliana, it differs in having longer setae, wider stipules, 8–9 pinnae pairs (versus 1 pair), fewer veins on leaflets, sparser corolla indumentum, corolla lobes 3-nerved, and recurved as opposed to straight aculei and shows some similarities to M. brachycarpa, M. scaberrima and M. cisparanensis. The differences in number of pinnae pairs are especially striking. Further collections are needed to evaluate this potentially unusual plant.


Herbario Nacional de Bolivia, Universidad Mayor de San Andr�s


Museo de Historia Natural Noel Kempff Mercado -- Universidad Aut�noma Gabriel Ren� Moreno