Mimosa interrupta Benth,

Margoth Atahuachi, M. Leontien Van Der Bent, John R. I. Wood, Gwilym P. Lewis & Colin E. Hughes, 2016, Bolivian Mimosa (Leguminosae, Mimosoideae): three new species and a species checklist, Phytotaxa 260 (3), pp. 201-222: 215

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http://doi.org/ 10.11646/phytotaxa.260.3.1



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Mimosa interrupta Benth


25. * Mimosa interrupta Benth 

Known to Barneby (1991) only from Brazil, but in the last few years from a handful of localities scattered westwards from the edge of the Pantanal across the undulating plains of Santa Cruz in a narrow belt between 16° and 17° S running from ca. 59° to 63° W in Provincias Angel Sandoval, J.M. de Velasco and Ñuflo de Chávez. It occurs in small colonies where it can be locally abundant, but these are apparently very scattered on sandy soils in patches of cerrado and open cerradão, typically associated with Dipteryx  , Magonia  and Qualea  . Given initial doubts about the identity of Bolivian material, trnD-trnT sequences of two accessions were generated and shown to group with high support in a clade with two accessions of this species from Brazil ( Fig. 1View FIGURE 1), further confirming the occurrence of this species in Bolivia. Santa Cruz: Velasco, 10–15 km from San Rafael on road to San Ignacio por Santa Ana, 16°53´50´´ S, 60°38´01´´ W, 335 m, 20 March 2009, (fl), J.R.I. Wood et al. 25829 (K! LPB!,UB, USZ!). Santa Cruz: Velasco, road between San Vicente and Espiritu, 16°16´21´´ S, 60°07´06´´ W, 270 m, 12 May 2008, (fl), J.R.I. Wood et al. 24892 (K!, LPB,UB, USZ!). Santa Cruz: Velasco, 0.5 km from San Rafael on exit to Santa Ana, 16°46´25´´ S, 60°40´28´´ W, 278 m, 27 April 2009, J.R.I. Wood et al. 26176 (K!, LPB, UB, USZ!). Santa Cruz: Velasco, 10 km S. of San Rafael on road to San José de Chiquitos, 16°52´59´´ S, 60°36´54´´ W, 339 m, 2 April 2011, J.R.I. Wood & D. Soto 27366 (K!, LPB, USZ!). Santa Cruz: Velasco, 30 km N. of Carmen Ruiz along road to San José Campamento, 15°50´ S, 61°00´31´´ W, 267 m, 14 April 2013, J.R.I. Wood et al. 27829 ( FHO!, K!, LPB, USZ!). Santa Cruz: Prov. Nuflo de Chávez, San Javier, 1.5 km from turnoff from the San Javier to San Ramon road, on the road to San Ignacio, 16°20´02´´ S, 62°29´19´´ W, 450 m, 15 March 2009, (fl, fr), J.R.I. Wood et al. 25673 (K!, LPB,UB, USZ!). Santa Cruz: Nuflo de Chávez, road towards Communidad Sagrado Corazón, approx. 1 km from the road to San Javier, 16°20´40´´ S, 62°29´19´´ W, 405 m, 9 March 2008, (fl), D. Soto & D. Escobar 911, (K!, LPB, UBUSZ!). Santa Cruz: Angel Sandoval, road between Las Petas and Ascención de la Frontera, 16°20´35´´ S, 59°16´50´´ W, 165 m, 12 May 2008, (fl), J.R.I. Wood et al. 24886 (K!, LPB,UB, USZ!).


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