Erinaceus tschifuensis Matschie, 1907, Matschie, 1907

Turni, Hendrik, Hutterer, Rainer & Asher, Robert, 2007, Type specimens of “ insectivoran ” mammals at the Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin, Zootaxa 1470, pp. 1-33: 9

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Erinaceus tschifuensis Matschie, 1907


Erinaceus tschifuensis Matschie, 1907  

Matschie, P. (1907) Chinesische Sãugetiere. In: Expedition Filchner nach China und Tibet Zool.- Bot. Ergebnisse, p. 137 [134–242], Berlin

Valid name: Erinaceus amurensis Schrenk, 1859  

Holotype: ZMB 4625, adult, mounted skin, skull extracted; purchased from Gerrard from Tschi-fu [Yantai, Shandong], China

Comments: The BMNH London holds spines of a specimen (no. 1908.12.14.1) listed as the holotype of Erinaceus tschifuensis Matschie, 1907   in the online list of mammal type specimens mentioned above. However, in the original description (Matschie 1907), ZMB 4625 is clearly designated as the holotype, and is so recognized here.


Museum für Naturkunde Berlin (Zoological Collections)