Chrysochloris stuhlmanni Matschie, 1894, Matschie, 1894

Turni, Hendrik, Hutterer, Rainer & Asher, Robert, 2007, Type specimens of “ insectivoran ” mammals at the Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin, Zootaxa 1470, pp. 1-33: 7

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Chrysochloris stuhlmanni Matschie, 1894


Chrysochloris stuhlmanni Matschie, 1894  

Matschie, P. (1894) Drei neue Sãugethiere (Herpestes, Pediotragus, Chrysochloris) von Ostafrika. Sitzungsberichte der Gesellschaft Naturforschender Freunde zu Berlin, 1894: 123 [121–125].

Valid name: Chrysochloris stuhlmanni stuhlmanni Matschie, 1894  

Syntypes: ZMB 29456 View Materials , female, skull, skeleton, skin of head (detached), collected from Kinjawanga, 950m (elevation), west of the Issango-Semliki river, “ungefãhr 0° 27 30 nõrdl. / 29 ° 50 õstl., dicht an der Südgrenze des Urwaldgebietes”, in what is today the Democratic Republic of Congo, near the Ugandan bor- der, by F. Stuhlmann on 6 January 1892; ZMB 85340 View Materials male, skin, collected from "foot of Runssoro near Karevia in Ukondjo" in Uganda by Emin Pascha on 13 June 1891. A third type female skull, also collected from Kinjawanga by F. Stuhlmann on 4 January 1892, is currently missing.

Comments: Matschie (1894: 124–125) appears to indicate two female specimens collected by Stuhlmann from the Kinjawanga locality: "weib. Schãdel, weib. Skelett, Kopf davon in Alcohol" (p. 125). Furthermore, he provides three dates following his telegraphic species description in Latin that presumably correspond with the collection dates for each of the three specimens: " 4.1.92, 6.1. 92, 13.VI. 91," followed by " 1 male, 2 female female" using gender symbols (p. 124). The former two dates correspond with F. Stuhlmann's collecting activities at or near Kinjawanga in 1892. Since Matschie's description, only one accession number (29456) for a golden mole in the Berlin collection has been attributed to this locality. Two additional skulls of C. stuhlmanni   are present in the ZMB collection (77162, 77163), but lack accession or locality data. One of these may comprise Stuhlmann's second Kinjawanga specimen, but we cannot be sure.


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