Paralimnadia Sars, 1896

Timms, Brian V., 2016, A review of the Australian endemic clam shrimp, Paralimnadia Sars 1896 (Crustacea: Branchiopoda: Spinicaudata), Zootaxa 4161 (4), pp. 451-508 : 453

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Paralimnadia Sars, 1896


Paralimnadia Sars, 1896

Diagnosis. (Sensu Rogers et al. 2012) Limnadiidae with telson lacking a spiniform projection anteriad of cercopod base. Cercopod typically divided 50:50 by single dorsomedial spine, with proximal portion cylindrical and bearing dorsomedial setae (or spines), and distal portion narrowing and bearing dorsomedial denticles. Males amplex females on posterior body margin keeping body in line, single file behind female. Sexual reproduction gonochorisitic so sex ratios typically 1:1.