Dictyotrypeta incisa (Wulp) Norrbom & Sutton & Steck & Monzón, 2010

Norrbom, Allen L., Sutton, Bruce D., Steck, Gary J. & Monzón, José, 2010, New genera, species and host plant records of Nearctic and Neotropical Tephritidae (Diptera) 2398, Zootaxa 2398, pp. 1-65 : 20

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Dictyotrypeta incisa (Wulp)

comb. nov.

Dictyotrypeta incisa (Wulp) View in CoL , new combination

Fig. 35

Acrotaenia incisa Wulp 1899b: 415 View in CoL .

Acrotaenia (Pseudacrotaenia) incisa: Hendel 1914: 59 View in CoL .

Pseudacrotaenia incisa: Aczél 1950: 270 .

Baryplegma incisa: Norrbom et al. 1999: 105 .

This species was transferred to Baryplegma View in CoL by Norrbom et al. (1999) when they placed Pseudacrotaenia in synonymy with Baryplegma (Acrotaeniini) View in CoL , but it is here classified in Dictyotrypeta (Eutretini) View in CoL . Although its wing pattern ( Fig. 35) is almost radiate and somewhat resembles the patterns of some Baryplegma species , it is more similar to those of many Dictyotrypeta species. Vein R 4+5 is extensively setulose dorsally (occurs in both genera), the parafacial has a brown spot at the level of the base of the antenna (occurs in all Dictyotrypeta species , but no Baryplegma View in CoL ), the frons is setulose medially as in most Eutretini View in CoL , whereas it is bare in Acrotaeniini View in CoL , the eye has a single narrow horizontal stripe aligned with the parafacial spot (synapomorphy of Dictyotrypeta species ), cell r 4+5 has a bulla anterodistal to crossvein dm-cu (variable in Dictyotrypeta View in CoL , absent in Baryplegma View in CoL ), and the length of the posteroapical lobe of cell bcu is less than half the width of the cell (it is longer in Baryplegma View in CoL ).

Distribution. Mexico (Chiapas, Guerrero, Veracruz) and Guatemala. The specimens listed below include the basis for the Mexican records other than the type locality reported by Norrbom et al. (1999), as well as the first records from Guatemala.

Biology. Host plants have not been reported previously for this species. We reared it in Guatemala and Mexico from flowerheads of Smallanthus maculatus (Cav.) H. Rob. ( Figs. 114–115) and S. riparius (Kunth) H. Rob. ( Asteraceae : Heliantheae : Milleriinae ).

Material examined. GUATEMALA: Sacatepéquez: Cerro Carmona, Finca El Pilar, 14.53071°N 90.69018°W, 2265 m, emerged 22–25 Dec 2007 reared ex flowerheads of Smallanthus maculatus (07G02) collected 12 Nov 2007, B.D. Sutton, A.L. Norrbom, J. Monzón, 3♂ 1♀ ( USNM USNMENT00671234–39 View Materials ), 2♂ ( FSCA); San Miguel Dueñas , 3–6 km W, reared ex flowers Smallanthus maculatus (90G10), 17 Oct 1990, A. L. Norrbom, 1♀ ( USNM USNMENT00671241 View Materials ) GoogleMaps . MEXICO: Chiapas: NW of Union Juarez , Chiquihuites, ~ 15°5'N 92°6'W, 1800–2000 m, collected on Smallanthus riparius (93M3), 4 Nov 1993, A. L. Norrbom, L. E. Carroll & C. Estrada, 1♂ 1♀ ( USNM USNMENT000214430–31 View Materials ), 1♀ ( IEXV); same, reared ex flowers of Smallanthus maculatus (94M3), 2–5 Nov 1994, A. L. Norrbom, L. E. Carroll & C. Estrada, 7♂ 7♀ ( USNM USNMENT00052348–61 View Materials ), 1♂ 1♀ ( BMNH USNMENT00052364–65 ), 1♂ 1♀ ( FSCA USNMENT00052362– 63 View Materials ); between Chiquihuites & Union Juarez, 15°5'N 92°5'W, 1500–1800 m, reared ex flowers of Smallanthus riparius (93M3), 30 Oct 1993, A. L. Norrbom & C. Estrada, 3♂ 1♀ ( USNM USNMENT00214375–78 View Materials ), 1♀ ( IEXV), 1♂ (Programa MoscaMed) GoogleMaps ; San Cristobal de Las Casas , 7087 ft., 3–7 Jun 1969, B. V. Peterson, 1♂ ( CNC USNMENT00214365 View Materials ) . Guerrero: Omilteme, 8000 ft., Jul, H. H. Smith, 1♂ paralectotype ( USNM) . Veracruz: Citlaltepetl, E of, 7000 ft., 21 Jul 1964, L. W. Swan, 1♀ ( CAS USNMENT00214367 View Materials ) .


Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History


Florida State Collection of Arthropods, The Museum of Entomology


Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids, and Nematodes


California Academy of Sciences














Dictyotrypeta incisa (Wulp)

Norrbom, Allen L., Sutton, Bruce D., Steck, Gary J. & Monzón, José 2010

Baryplegma incisa:

Norrbom, A. L. & Carroll, L. E. & Thompson, F. C. & White, I. M. & Freidberg, A. 1999: 105

Pseudacrotaenia incisa: Aczél 1950: 270

Aczel, M. L. 1950: 270

Acrotaenia (Pseudacrotaenia) incisa:

Hendel, F. 1914: 59

Acrotaenia incisa

Wulp, F. M. van der 1899: 415
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