Pristomerus rivier Rousse & Villemant, 2012

Rousse, Pascal & Noort, Simon van, 2015, Revision of the Afrotropical species of Pristomerus (Ichneumonidae: Cremastinae), with descriptions of 31 new species, European Journal of Taxonomy 124, pp. 1-129 : 86-87

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Pristomerus rivier Rousse & Villemant, 2012


Pristomerus rivier Rousse & Villemant, 2012  

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Diagnosis (updated from Rousse & Villemant 2012)

Moderately small; head black with clypeus, mandible, palpi and base of antenna yellow; mesosoma varying from mostly testaceous with base of propodeum black to mostly black with pronotum yellowish and mesonotum partly testaceous; metasoma basally black fading to testaceous from tergite 3, except base of tergite 1 yellow; legs mostly yellowish-orange with hind coxa and hind femur testaceous-brown and hind tibia apically dark; face densely punctate and hairy; clypeus transverse, sparsely punctate, distinctly convex in profile; malar line long; remainder of head coriaceous; occipital carina joining hypostomal carina at mandible base; antenna with 24–30 flagellomeres, penultimate flagellomere subquadrate; mesosoma moderately stout, entirely densely punctate, including whole pronotum, speculum and scutellum; area superomedia short and stout; female femoral tooth strong; ovipositor moderately long, apically sinuous. B 5.1–6.3; A 3.4–4.5; F 3.8–4.6; CT 1.9; ML 0.7; POL 1.0; OOL 1.1; Fl n–1 1.0; ASM 1.4; OT 1.8–2.0; FFT 2. Male with inner margins of eyes distinctly diverging ventrally, ocelli, hind femur and femoral tooth enlarged, and area superomedia more slender. POL 0.9; OOL 0.2.

Differential diagnosis

Moderately small, black and testaceous species from Réunion Island; differentiated from all other Afrotropical species by the combination of the black orbits, the partially testaceous mesoscutum, the entirely punctate speculum, the stout area superomedia in the female and the strong female femoral tooth.

Material examined

Holotype FRANCE: ♀, “La Réunion, Petit St Pierre, sur Litchi sinensis   , 19/06/1996, Cirad 14373 RQ 3220, Quilici S. leg., EY 0000003897” ( MNHN).  

Other material

FRANCE: 1 ♀, 1 ♂, “ Réunion, Quatorzième, verger de café, iv.2012, ex. Prophantis smaragdina   SAM– HYM–P049438” ( SAMC); 4 ♀♀, “ Réunion, les Colimaçons, alt. 800m, 22.03.2013, ex. P. smaragdina   , coll. David Muru” (personal collection D. Muru).

Host records

Plutella xylostella   ( Lepidoptera   : Plutellidae   ) on cabbage ( Brassica oleracea   L.). New record: Prophantis smaragdina Butler, 1875   ( Lepidoptera   : Pyralidae   ) on coffee ( Coffea arabica   L.).


Réunion island.


France, Paris, Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle


Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle


Iziko Museums of Cape Town