Protopolybia clypeata Santos, Silveira & Carpenter, 2015, Santos, Silveira & Carpenter, 2015

Dos Santos Junior, José N. A., Silveira, Orlando T. & Carpenter, James M., 2017, A new species of the genus Protopolybia Ducke, 1905 (Hymenoptera, Vespidae, Polistinae), with taxonomic contributions to the exigua species-group, Zootaxa 4286 (3), pp. 432-438: 436

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Protopolybia clypeata Santos, Silveira & Carpenter, 2015


Protopolybia clypeata Santos, Silveira & Carpenter, 2015  

Nest. Presents the two distinctive traits of the nest of this genus, the comb attached to the substrate by a central peduncle and several lateral auxiliary peduncles, and in this case, in addition, it has an envelope with one or more lateral exit holes. The nest, which is composed of paper carton and secretion, consists of a single comb, approximately hexagonal in shape ( AMNH _HYM%2000000116-1.jpg; http:// AMNH _HYM%2000000292-1.jpg), measuring 5.08 × 3.81 × 3.81, slender like that of P. bituberculata   , and entirely cream colored ( Figs. 19 and 20 View FIGURES 15 – 20 ). Four nests collected by J.M. Carpenter and A. Davidson in Peru are nests of P. clypeata   . Two are completely finished (collection codes: 990318– 3, 000310–3;; hymenoptera/collection/display.php?sid=401246), one is missing its envelope (collection code: 000310–2; http://, and the fourth is in an incipient stage of construction (collection code: 990317–2; The first, second and fourth nests were mistakenly identified as Protopolybia rugulosa Ducke   = Protopolybia minutissima (Spinola) ( Carpenter 2012)   , and the third was not identified.

Material examined. ECUADOR: Napo, 8km E. Mishualli, 1♀, 28.xii.1987 (M. Huybensz) ( AMNH).  

Distribution. Colombia, Peru, Brazil (Acre), * Ecuador.


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