Protopolybia collombiana Santos, Silveira & Carpenter, 2015, Santos, Silveira & Carpenter, 2015

Dos Santos Junior, José N. A., Silveira, Orlando T. & Carpenter, James M., 2017, A new species of the genus Protopolybia Ducke, 1905 (Hymenoptera, Vespidae, Polistinae), with taxonomic contributions to the exigua species-group, Zootaxa 4286 (3), pp. 432-438: 436

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Protopolybia collombiana Santos, Silveira & Carpenter, 2015


Protopolybia collombiana Santos, Silveira & Carpenter, 2015  

Material examined. BRAZIL: Acre, Cruz do Sul , 2♀, 23.iii.1982 (Tech, G.M.) ( UNESP).  

Distribution. Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, * Brazil.

Remarks. The nest of P. collombiana   consists of a single comb, with an approximately rhomboid-hexagonal shape, averaging 50 mm in length and 35 mm in width. The envelope consists of a single sheet of brown or beige plant fibers with color ( Bequaert 1944). Rau (1933) presents almost the same description for P. collombiana   (as P. sedula   ) from Barro Colorado Island , Panama   . However , a nest of P. collombiana   collected at Tena, Ecuador presents a distinctly green color with some narrow whitish markings (collection code: 901217–18; specimenimages/specimen_thumbnails/ AMNH _HYM%2000000572-0.jpg). This is the first description of this variation in the envelope of the nest.  


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