Bombus (Pyrobombus) hypnorum ( Linnaeus, 1758 )

Williams, Paul H., Dorji, Phurpa, Ren, Zongxin, Xie, Zhenghua & Orr, Michael, 2022, Bumblebees of the hypnorum-complex world-wide including two new near-cryptic species (Hymenoptera: Apidae), European Journal of Taxonomy 847, pp. 46-72 : 61-62

publication ID 10.5852/ejt.2022.847.1981

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Bombus (Pyrobombus) hypnorum ( Linnaeus, 1758 )

s. str.

Bombus (Pyrobombus) hypnorum ( Linnaeus, 1758) View in CoL s. str.

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Apis hypnorum Linnaeus, 1758: 579 View in CoL View Cited Treatment . Lectotype by designation of Day (1979): ♀ Sweden ( LSL). Examined.

Bombus calidus Erichson, 1851: 65 View in CoL . Type not seen, but identity not in doubt.



Distinguished by the combination: labral tubercle on its broad outer lateral and anterior-facing surface in the centre smooth, with large punctures only along the dorsal and lateral edges; clypeus in the central area with a longitudinal band of small punctures and with very large punctures some spaced by just twice their own diameter; ocello-ocular area along the inner eye margin with a broad band of close small and medium punctures; hair of T4 either white in the posterior half or at least white in a continuous band along the posterior margin; T5 posteriorly in the middle anterior to the smooth posterior margin with a narrow band of large punctures extending for less than an eighth of the length of the tergum.


Distinguished by the combination: hair variable, from the thorax and metasomal T1‒2 hair brown and T3‒4 black, to T1‒4 black.

Material examined

Material sequenced or examined

SWEDEN • 1 ♂; Dalarna, Kopparberg ; 61.979° N, 12.981° E; alt. 614 m; 20 Aug. 2006; P. Williams leg.; BOLD-1550A09 ; PW GoogleMaps .

UNITED KINGDOM • 1 ♀ (queen); Buckinghamshire, Whiteleaf ; 51.731° N, 0.816° W; alt. 153 m; 7 Jun. 2008; R. Goodson leg.; BOLD-1550H04 ; PW GoogleMaps .

AUSTRIA • 1 ♀ (worker); Tirol, Seefeld ; 47.3227° N, 11.1894° E; alt. 1100 m; 30 Jul. 1972; P. Williams leg.; PW GoogleMaps .

NORWAY • 1 ♂; Larvik , Yttersøveien; 59.0615° N, 10.0573° E; alt. 58 m; 14 Jul. 1978; J. Stenløkk leg.; PW GoogleMaps .

MONGOLIA • 1 ♀ (worker); Hövsgöl Aymag, Hövsgöl Nuur ; 51° N, 100° E; alt. 2000 m; 18 Jul. 2004; D. Sheppard leg.; BOLD-1550A02 ; PW GoogleMaps 1 ♀ (worker); Hövsgöl Aymag, Hövsgöl Nuur ; 51.05° N, 100.73° E; alt. 1645 m; 20 Jul. 2004; D. Sheppard leg.; BOLD-1550E03 ; PW GoogleMaps 1 ♀ (worker); Hövsgöl Aymag, Hövsgöl Nuur ; 51.05° N, 100.73° E; alt. 1645 m; 24 Jul. 2004; D. Sheppard leg.; BOLD- 1550E02 ; PW GoogleMaps 1 ♀ (worker); Hövsgöl Aymag, Hövsgöl Nuur ; 51.0628° N, 100.7320° E; alt. 1645 m; 28 Jul. 2004; D. Sheppard leg.; BOLD-1550A03 ; PW GoogleMaps .

Other selected material sequenced

BOLD: BCZSMHYM01074, BCZSMHYM01075, BIOUG17229E02, BIOUG36732G05.

GenBank: AF279539 View Materials , AF279541 View Materials , AF279542 View Materials , AY181110 View Materials , GU674484, GU674503, GU705903 View Materials , KJ839370 View Materials .


The PTP results in Fig. 1 View Fig show that the taxon calidus is a part of the species B. hypnorum s. str. and not a separate species, confirming its status as a part of the species, which is treated as a synonym here.

Widespread boreal Palaearctic in the north (from northern Europe to Primorsky, Kamchatka, and Anadyr) and in the south in the temperate mountains of the Pyrenees, Alps, Balkans, Caucasus, and Mongolia, at elevations of 0‒2050 m ( Reinig 1939; Rasmont 1988; Williams 1991; Rasmont et al. 2021).


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Bombus (Pyrobombus) hypnorum ( Linnaeus, 1758 )

Williams, Paul H., Dorji, Phurpa, Ren, Zongxin, Xie, Zhenghua & Orr, Michael 2022

Bombus calidus

Erichson W. F. 1851: 65

Apis hypnorum

Linnaeus C. 1758: 579
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