Foenatopus jodhpurensis Narendran, 2001

Binoy, C., Achterberg, C. Van, Kumar, P. Girish, Santhosh, S. & Sheela, S., 2020, A review of Stephanidae (Hymenoptera: Stephanoidea) from India, with the description of five new species, Zootaxa 4838 (1), pp. 1-51: 16-17

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Foenatopus jodhpurensis Narendran, 2001


Foenatopus jodhpurensis Narendran, 2001  

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Foenatopus jodhpurensis Narendran, 2001   , J. Adv. Zool., 22(2), 83–85.

Type material. Holotype ♀, India: Rajasthan, Jodhpur (26°24′ N & 73° 1′ E, 231 m), 10.ix.1987, Coll.?, ( NHM) B. M. TYPE HYM. 3a. 374 ( NHMUK013458830 View Materials ). GoogleMaps  

Diagnosis. Body length 13.1 mm, ovipositor sheath length 9.6 mm. Frons with irregular carinae and pits; vertex with two strong carinae followed by close pits, median longitudinal grove absent; neck anteriorly deeply emarginate; pronotum trans carinate anteriorly turning finely reticulate posteriorly with a medial grove; mesoscutum faintly reticulate anteriorly, followed by deeply pitted area with carinate interstices and a longitudinal grove; scutellum finely alutaceous with sparse and scattered deep pits; metapleuron carinate with deep pits; propodeum with close pits and reticulate area anteriorly, remaining portion with carinate interstices; hind coxa annulate turning to weakly carinate medially, interstices microsculptured; hind femora bidentate with few denticles on the ventral side; first metasomal tergite uniformly annulate carinate, basally irregularly carinate, distal end weakly granulate, shorter than combined length of remaining segments; ovipositor sheath longer than metasoma, without a subapical pale ivory patch.

Male. Unknown.

Distribution. Oriental: India (Rajasthan).

Plant Associate. Prosopsis cineraria ( Fabales   : Fabaceae   ).


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