Callipia jakobi, Brehm, 2018

Brehm, Gunnar, 2018, Revision of the genus Callipia Guenée, 1858 (Lepidoptera, Geometridae), with the description of 15 new taxa, European Journal of Taxonomy 404, pp. 1-54: 14

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Callipia jakobi

sp. nov.

Callipia jakobi   sp. nov.

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BIN (holotype): BOLD:AAK2186.


The smallest species of the balteata   group, relatively pale and less contrasting patterns of the wings than in the other species. The cornuti of the vesica are much longer than in the other species of the balteata   group. COI-barcode: the observed distance to the genetically most similar species ( C. balteata   ) is 4.3%.


The species is named in honour of my son Jakob Brehm, Jena, Germany.

Type material

Holotype ( Figs 8 View Figs 3–8 , 13 View Figs 9–16 ) BOLIVIA: ♂, [La Paz Department], Route La Paz-Rio Songo [Rio Zongo, ca 16.104° S, 68.065° W], 3300 m, 3 Mar. 1984, G. Lachaume and T. Porion leg. ( ZSM) ( C-0190 with GS-409, COI sequence 658 bp, BIN). GoogleMaps  


As illustrated. Only a single male is known.


Eastern Andes of W Bolivia, 3300 m a.s.l. Distance to the collection site of C. balteata   is ca 250 km.

Without assignment to group

Callipia paradisea   is known from a few specimens only. Wing patterns and structure of male genitalia not easily fitting into any of the other groups, but vicinaria group is possibly most closely related. Since no molecular data are available either, C. paradisea is provisionally treated separately.


Bavarian State Collection of Zoology