Mukherjee, Paramita, Ambrose, Dunston P., Saha, G. K. & Bal, A., 2014, A new genus, Neoschidium (Hemiptera: Reduviidae: Emesinae), with a redescription of the type genus, Neoschidium phasma (Distant) [Ghilianella phasma Distant and Schidium phasma (Distant)], recorded for the first time from India, Zootaxa 3795 (5), pp. 578-584: 579

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Emesinae  Amyot and Serville, 1843

Description of the genus Neoschidium  : Apterous, the total length 23.29 mm; piceous brown; head and prothorax granulated.

Head elongate with conspicuous apical spine and granulated, somewhat compressed dorsoventrally, anteocular area of head shorter than postocular area; eyes medium-sized, interocular furrow not exceeding posterior border of eyes; antennae inserted near apex of head; rostrum straight, its segments slender, first segment little shorter than anteocular and passing middle of anteocular region and longer than second joint, third segment shorter than first and second segments together.

Prothorax granulated, anterior lobe subcylindrical, posterior lobe very short and distinct, collar-like, mesothorax with broad sulcation at base, anteriorly compressed and narrowed, meso-metathorax subcylindrical, slightly narrowed towards middle, mesonotum usually longer than pronotum, metanotum slightly longer than pronotum.