Rosalba tanimbuca, Galileo, Maria Helena M. & Martins, Ubirajara R., 2013

Galileo, Maria Helena M. & Martins, Ubirajara R., 2013, Nine new species of the genus Rosalba (Coleptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae, Apomecynini) from South America, Zootaxa 3709 (3), pp. 285-295: 288-289

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Rosalba tanimbuca

sp. nov.

Rosalba tanimbuca   sp. nov.

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Description. Head with reddish-brown integument. Frons covered with whitish pubescence, punctate under pilosity. Vertex glabrous with deep and close punctures. A transverse band of pubescence more concentrated behind the lower ocular lobes. Upper ocular lobes with five rows of ommatidia, separated by a distance equal to two rows of ommatidia. Antennae reach apex of elytra approximately in the middle of antennomere VIII. Scape reddish-brown. Antennomeres III-X reddish, XI reddish-brown.

Prothorax with integument reddish-brown covered by grayish-yellow pubescence. Pronotum with a contrasting puncture on each side of the middle, close to the posterior margin; remainder of the pronotal surface and scutellum with grayish-yellow pubescence.

Elytra covered with grayish-yellow pubescence. Each one with longitudinal and narrow reddish-brown bands: (1) in the basal fourth, between the scutellum and humerus; (2) in the elytral half, in the same alignment as band 1, and more or less of the same length; (3) on the outer side and parallel to band 2, also of the same length and with anterior extension very indistinct; (4) in the apical fourth, in the same alignment of band 2, shortest of all others; (5) on outer side of band 4, longer than 4. In the posterior third of the elytra, the yellowish pubescence is more concentrated in an oblique band between bands 2 and 4. Elytral punctation dense and deep on the anterior half. Elytral apices obliquely truncate.

Femora reddish-brown with reddish base. Tibiae and tarsi reddish. Metatarsomere V almost as long as I-III together.

Ventral face redddish-brown covered by yellow-grayish pubescence.

Measurements, in mm. Total length, 4.9; prothorax length, 1.0; width, 1.1; elytron length, 3.5; humeral width, 1.4.

Etymology. Tupi: tanimbúca   = gray; refers to the color of pubescence.

Type-material. Holotype male, BOLIVIA, Santa Cruz: Potrerillos del Guenda (40 km NW Santa Cruz de la Sierra), 1-10.X. 2008, Morris & Wappes col. ( MNKM).

Discussion. By the small size and presence of grayish oblique band on the posterior third of the elytra, Rosalba tanimbuca   sp. nov. could be compared with R. bucki ( Melzer, 1934)   described from Rio Grande do Sul ( Brazil). It differs by the yellowish band on the posterior third of the elytra, narrower and oblique from the margin to suture; and basal third of elytra with only one reddish-brown longitudinal band. In R. bucki   , this clear band is wider and transverse; the basal third of the elytra has a large brownish spot with includes a grayish oblique band.

It could also be compared with R. malleri ( Melzer, 1934)   by the pattern of the grayish pubescence and brownish longitudinal bands. It differs by the vertex and pronotum entirely covered by grayish pubescence and by the clear band on the posterior third of elytra. In R. malleri   , the vertex and pronotum have spots or longitudinal bands brownish, and the clear band of the elytra is situated beyond the middle.