Cyrnellus minimus Banks 1913

Rueda Martín, Paola A., Gibon, Francois-Marie & Sganga, Julieta V., 2021, New species and records of the Neotropical genus Cyrnellus (Trichoptera: Polycentropodidae) and the re-establishment of C. minimus and C. marginalis, Zootaxa 5082 (1), pp. 15-29 : 22

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Cyrnellus minimus Banks 1913


Cyrnellus minimus Banks 1913  

Figs 4A–4D View FIGURE 4

Cyrnellus minimus Banks 1913: 88   (original description); Flint 1967: 5 (redescription of male lectotype); Flint 1971: 29 (as synonym of C. fraternus   ); Holzenthal & Calor 2017: 419 (catalogue, as synonym of C. fraternus   ).

Diagnosis. Cyrnellus minimus   is similar to C. fraternus   , C. marginalis   , C. boliviensis   n. sp., and C. zapateriensis   . Cyrnellus minimus   and C. zapateriensis   are most similar; these two species have similar subapicomesal spines on the inferior appendages, but with distinct insertion: subapical in C. minimus   ( Fig. 4B View FIGURE 4 , ap) but more nearly apical in C. zapateriensis   . The internal lobe of each inferior appendage is triangular in C. minimus   and rounded in C. zapateriensis   . Another difference from most of the other species is the near fusion of the posterior arms of the dorsal phallic sclerite ( Figs 4C, 4D View FIGURE 4 , ds). This character is also observed in C. ulmeri   , this latter species being distinguished by the presence of a second subapicomesal spine on each inferior appendage.

Material examined. ARGENTINA: Buenos Aires: Río Paraná de las Palmas, Lima , 16.xii.1979, C.M. Flint Jr., 1 male (USNM)   . BOLIVIA: Laguna Granja, Bella Vista , 13°15’50’’S, 63°42’33’’W, 06.v.2006, 1 male (IBN) GoogleMaps   . BRAZIL: Rondonia, 62 Km S de Ariquemes, Linea C-20, 7 Km E B- 65, 165 m. Fazenda Rancho Grande , 10°32,5´S, 62° 48´W, 17.xi.1991, Dr Petr., 10 males (USNM) GoogleMaps   . PARAGUAY: Dpto Concepción, Concepción, UV Light trap during 5:45–12:30 PM, warm night 5 days after heavy rain, J.A. Kochalka, 22 males (USNM); 9 Km South Villarica , 2.xii.1973, O.S. Flint Jr., 1 male (USNM)   .

Distribution. Cyrnellus minimus   is recorded for the first time from Bolivia. Argentina, Bolivia new record, Brazil, Paraguay.














Cyrnellus minimus Banks 1913

Rueda Martín, Paola A., Gibon, Francois-Marie & Sganga, Julieta V. 2021

Cyrnellus minimus

Holzenthal, R. W. & Calor, A. R. 2017: 419
Flint, O. S. Jr. 1971: 29
Flint, O. S. Jr. 1967: 5
Banks, N. 1913: 88