Dorisiana metcalfi Sanborn & Heath, 2014

Sanborn, Allen F., 2020, The cicadas (Hemiptera: Cicadidae) of Ecuador including the description of five new species, a new subtribe, four new synonymies, and fifteen new records, Zootaxa 4880 (1), pp. 1-80 : 26

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Dorisiana metcalfi Sanborn & Heath, 2014


Dorisiana metcalfi Sanborn & Heath, 2014 View in CoL View at ENA

Cicada viridis Olivier 1790: 754 View in CoL . ( Suriname)

Dorisiana metcalfi Sanborn & Heath 2014 View in CoL nom. nov. pro Cicada viridis Olivier, 1790 View in CoL nec Cicada viridis Linnaeus, 1758: 60 View in CoL .

REMARKS.— Metcalf (1952) synonymized this species with Dorisiana semilata ( Walker, 1850) . However, the taxon represented by Cicada viridis Olivier, 1790 is distinct from D. semilata in genitalia and other morphological characteristics so that Sanborn & Heath (2014) provided Dorisiana metcalfi nom. nov. as a replacement name for the taxon represented by Cicada viridis Olivier, 1790 which was preoccupied. Specimens from Suriname are required to be able to determine if D. metcalfi and D. semilata are in fact synonyms.

Although D. metcalfi has been suggested to be misidentified examples of G. bogotana ( Distant, 1892a) ( Sanborn 2018c) , both Jacobi (1907a) and Goding (1925) identified specimens of both species in their works. I also was able to examine specimens of both species from Ecuador and both species are considered to be present in Ecuador. Dorisiana metcalfi has a green head and thorax lightly marked with piceous and a tawny abdomen. It can be distinguished from the similar G. bogotana by the anteriorly rounded timbal cover with a ventral margin parallel to the long body axis rather than the triangular timbal cover found in D. metcalfi quickly distinguish the species from one another as well as the differing generic characteristics (Sanborn 1916a).

DISTRIBUTION.—The species has been reported from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, and Venezuela ( Metcalf 1963a; Dorval et al. 2011; Sanborn 2011b; 2013; 2019b; 2020b; Santos- Cividanes et al. 2013; Sanborn & Heath 2014; Dias et al. 2017). Previous records to Panama are in error ( Sanborn 2018c). Goding (1925) reported the species from Macas, Morona Santiago province and Baños, Tungurahua province and Jacobi (1907a) from Archidona, Napo province and Canelos, Pastaza province.

MATERIAL EXAMINED.— “ ECUADOR: Sucumbios / Sacha Lodge . 0.5ºS / 76.5ºW. 24.v– /1994. MT. P. Hibbs. 290m ” one female ( LACM); GoogleMaps “ ECUADOR: Prov. Napo / 00º24’S, 76º 36’W / Limoncocha 280 m / 23.VI.1973 # / Marian Rettenmeyer ” one male ( AFSC); GoogleMaps “ ECUADOR: Prov. Napo / 00º24’S, 76º 36’W / Limoncocha # / 12.VI.1975 / C. W. Rettenmeyer // Taken at Ultraviolet Light / Time: 5–6am ” one male ( AFSC); GoogleMaps “ ECUADOR: Napo / Tena, 500 m el. 6.XI 1988 / C.V. Covell, Jr. ” one female ( AFSC); “ ECUADOR: Napo Province / Misahualli Jungle Lodge area, jct. of / Rio Napo & Rio Misahualli , 1650- / 1900’ elev. S 1º 2’ 4.2”, W 77º 39’ / 49.2”, 5—12: IX:1998. C. & K. / Messenger ” four males and three females ( UNSM), GoogleMaps two males and two females ( AFSC); GoogleMaps “EC- UADOR: Napo Province, / Limoncocha, on Rio Napo / 21 – II – 1974 / Boyce A. Drummond, III / Blacklight trap ” one male ( AFSC); “ ECUADOR: Napo / Prov., 25km.e.Puerto / Napo , 450m. ix–1997 / B.&B. Valentine coll. // Jatun Sacha / Biol. Reserve / u-v light / Valentine / Coll’n / Rec. 2016” three males ( FSCA); “ ECUADOR: Pastaza / Prov. Puyo, / 7.V.1981 C.S. Brown / MGCL Accession / #2016–08 / C. Brown Colln. ” two males ( FSCA); Rio Palenque   GoogleMaps , ECUADOR / Los Rios Prov. - D. Dodson / XI–15–1972 // 348” one male ( AFSC); “ ECUADOR Napo Prov / Misahualli ~ 350 m / 7 October 2001 / Mark Churchill coll.” one male and one female ( MSUC).


USA, Nebraska, Lincoln, University of Nebraska State Museum


USA, Florida, Gainesville, Division of Plant Industry, Florida State Collection of Arthropods


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Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County


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Dorisiana metcalfi Sanborn & Heath, 2014

Sanborn, Allen F. 2020

Cicada viridis

Olivier, G. A. 1790: 754

Dorisiana metcalfi

Linnaeus, C. 1758: 60
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