Ancistrosyllis McIntosh, 1878, McIntosh, 1878

Mikac, Barbara, 2015, A sea of worms: polychaete checklist of the Adriatic Sea, Zootaxa 3943 (1), pp. 1-172: 85

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Ancistrosyllis McIntosh, 1878


Genus Ancistrosyllis McIntosh, 1878  

? * Ancistrosyllis cingulata   ( Korschelt, 1893)


LITERATURE RECORDS: Korschelt 1893; Aleffi et al. 1988; Castelli 1991; Požar-Domac 1994.

REMARKS: Korschelt (1893) described the species Harpochaeta cingulata   from the larval planktonic stage found in the bay of Trieste, placing it in the family Syllidae   . Ehlers (1908) considered the genus Harpochaeta   as being synonymous with Ancistrosyllis   and Fauvel (1923 a) provided a description of the species as A. cingulata   , based on Korschelt's (1893) description and drawings. However, until a formal redescription is done, this species should be considered as a Pilargidae   incertae sedis as it may belong to the genus Cabira   . Although Korschelt (1893) clearly pictures a median antenna, which suggests an Ancistrosyllis   (but not all Ancistrosyllis   have a median antenna), the distinguishing features that separate Ancistrosyllis   from Cabira   (such as the degree of dorso-ventral body compression, a peristomium sharply divided from segment 1 in Cabira   but not in Ancistrosyllis   , and possibly the pharynx shape, being highly muscular and sometimes long and looped in Ancistrosyllis   ), may not have been fully developed in a planktonic juvenile. Besides Korschelt (1893) also illustrates four lobes in the hind brain, which raises further difficulties in identifying the genus, as the Cabira   reportedly has 3 and Ancistrosyllis   5 lobes (C. Glasby, pers. comm.).

Ancistrosyllis groenlandica McIntosh, 1878  


LITERATURE RECORDS: Zavodnik & Vidaković 1987; Požar-Domac 1994; Zahtila 1995, 1997; Crema et al. 2001; Cantone & Di Pietro 2002; Aleffi et al. 2003; Solis-Weiss et al. 2004, 2007; Castelli et al. 2008. NEW RECORDS: BM 12, BM 13, BM 21, BM 22, BM 26, BM 28, BM 29, BM 52, BM 53, BM 54, BM 64, BM 73, BM 101.


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