Streptocarpus lanatus MacMaster, 2005

Macmaster, Gwyneth, Möller, Michael, Hughes, Mark, Edwards, Trevor J. & Bellstedt, Dirk U., 2005, A new species of Streptocarpus (Gesneriaceae) endemic to Madagascar, Adansonia (3) 27 (1), pp. 131-136: 132-135

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Streptocarpus lanatus MacMaster

sp. nov.

Streptocarpus lanatus MacMaster   , sp. nov.

TYPUS. — Möller 01-19, Fianarantsoa province, Col d’Itremo , 20°35’04.1”S, 46°34’54.3”E, 1550 m, Mar. 2001 (holo-, GoogleMaps   E).

Streptocarpo ibityensi similis sed faciem lanatum habens, lobis corollae minoribus et purpureo-striatis differt.

Rosulate perennial herb. Leaves 22-50 × 6-19 mm, oblanceolate with rounded apex or lanceolateelliptic with acute apex, base attenuate-acute, slightly asymmetric, margin crenate-subdentate, upper and lower surfaces densely covered in slen- der, curly, white lanate-tomentose hairs c. 4 mm long, sometimes obscuring the alternate venation. Inflorescences 1-5; peduncles 42-94 mm long, minutely pubescent, hairs sometimes glandular; pedicels slender, 5-12 mm, minutely glandular. Calyx segments divided to base, 1.1-3.0 × 0.5- 0.8 mm with minute glandular hairs. Corolla 7- 8.5 m m l o n g, p o u c h s h a p e d, c o n s t r i c t e d underneath 2-3 mm from base, lower three lobes with bright purple broken lines extending down inside of tube; tube white outside, 3-6.5 mm long, 2. 0-3.9 mm diameter at widest point,

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1.8-3.5 mm at mouth with minute glandular hairs outside, glabrous inside; upper lip consisting of two lobes 1.0 × 1.0 mm; lower lip consisting of three lobes, median lobe 1.5-2.0 × 1.1-2.0 mm, laterals 1.4-1.9 × 1.0- 1.5 mm. Stamens arising from base of the corolla tube; filaments 3.5 mm, slender, glabrous; anthers 0.9 mm, basifixed, extrorse, staminodes absent. Ovary 1.0- 1.8 mm with minute glandular hairs; style 2. 0-3.5 mm with tiny glandular hairs extending up 1/3-1/2 length; stigma capitate, white to pale pink, smooth. Capsule 4.8-7.5 mm with minute glandular hairs. Seeds c. 0.5 mm, elliptic, seed coat verruculose. Note that due to a paucity of entire floral material on herbarium sheets, measurements for the three lower corolla lobes were taken from cultivated material. — Fig. 2. View FIG


Mount Itremo, central Madagascar. Occurring at

altitudes of up to 1700 m, growing under boul- d e r s a n d i n c a ve s o n t h e e x p o s e d s u m m i t. Flowering period March-April.

PARATYPES. — MADAGASCAR. Labat 3051, Madagascar, Fianarantsoa, Ambatofinandrahana , Itremo , Massif de l’Itremo , Antsirakambiaty , 20°35’22”S, 46°34’1”E ( P) GoogleMaps   ; Humbert 28362, W of Itremo ( west Betsileo ) among overhanging rocks with gneiss and granites, 1500-1700 m, 1955 ( P)   ; Keraudren-Aymonin & Aymonin 25795, Itremo , with rocks, July 1970 ( P)   ; Humbert 30032, west of Itremo ( west Betsileo ) among overhanging rocks with gneiss and granites, 1500-1700 m, 1955 ( P)   ; Clement, Phillipson & Rafamantanantsoa 2019, 44 km west of Ambatofinandrahana , 20°30’00”S, 46°34’1”E, exposed rocky slope below boulder outcrop, 1650 m, Mar. 1992 ( E) GoogleMaps   ; Rosser 10072, Itremo (centre-west), rocks with quartzite, 1700 m, Mar. 1956 ( P)   ; Möller s. n., cultivated material grown from seed taken from Möller 01-19 and cultivated at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (E, spirit collection, accession No. 20020508).




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