Brasineura Silva-Neto & García Aldrete, 2015,

Neto, Alberto Moreira Da Silva, García Aldrete, Alfonso N. & Rafael, José Albertino, 2016, A new species of Brasineura Silva-Neto & García Aldrete (Psocodea, ‘ Psocoptera’, Ptiloneuridae), with comments on morphological variation in B. troglophilica and a revised generic diagnosis, Zootaxa 4085 (3), pp. 445-450: 447

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Brasineura Silva-Neto & García Aldrete, 2015


Brasineura Silva-Neto & García Aldrete, 2015 

Revised generic diagnosis (based on morphological observations mentioned below): Fore wing M 5–7 branched; hind wing M 2–4 branched; outer cusp of lacinial apex markedly sclerotized; hypandrium of one sclerite, broad, setose, with anterior border strongly sclerotized, without projections or with one central posterior projection; phallosome closed anteriorly, rounded, U-shaped, with distinct lateral extensions of the phallobase; side struts anterior, fused to external parameres, these elongate, distally pointed; two pairs of endophallic sclerites; anterior pair elongate, lacking a basal bridge, each arm independent; posterior pair basally fused to form a V-shaped structure, each arm of the V distally forked or rounded, enclosing a membrane with numerous pores.