Sclerothyoninae Thandar, 1989

Thandar, Ahmed S., 2021, Nomenclatural changes in some sea cucumbers with the erection of a new genus and description of a Thyone? juvenile (? n. sp.) from the Gulf of California (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea: Dendrochirotida), Zootaxa 5026 (4), pp. 507-526 : 508

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Sclerothyoninae Thandar, 1989


Subfamily Sclerothyoninae Thandar, 1989

Sclerothyoninae Thandar, 1989: 294 ; 2008: 14; Martinez & Brogger, 2014: 64 (passim); Martins & Tavares, 2018: 158 (passim); 2019: 376.

Diagnosis (see Thandar 1989, amended Martins & Tavares 2019).

Remarks. This family was originally erected as a subfamily of the Sclerodactylidae for only the southern African, then monotypic genera Sclerothyone Thandar, 1989 and Temparena Thandar, 1989 . Thandar (2006) added one more species to Sclerothyone . Later, Martinez & Brogger (2012) added the new genus Thandarum , when describing their new species from Argentina and Martins & Tavares (2018), when designating a neotype for the south-western Atlantic Neopentamera anexigua Deichmann, 1941 , which they transferred to Sclerothyoninae . In addition, Martins & Tavares (2018) modified the diagnosis of Sclerothyoninae while describing within it their new species with their new genus Paulayellus , and provided a key to the genera then known. Later they [( Martins & Tavares (2019)], re-amended the diagnosis of Sclerothyone while describing their two new West Atlantic species, provided a key to the 5 genera and 9 species then known, and discussed the possible referral of three other dendrchiroids to either Sclerothyone or Temparena (viz. Havelockia nozawai Mitsukuri, 1912 ; Thyone adinopoda Pawson & Miller, 1981 (as suggested by Arumugam 2011) and Thyone neofusus Deichmann, 1941 . H. nozawai and T. adinopoda are herein transferred to Sclerothyone but no action is taken over T. neofusus as it is a homonym and requires an objective or critical analysis. Although the subfamily was elevated to full family rank by Smirnov (2012), this action is not fully supported by WoRMS (791923, accessed 16 June 2021) which publishes it as an alternative representation which is here used.


Sclerothyoninae Thandar, 1989

Thandar, Ahmed S. 2021


Martins, L. & Tavares, M. 2018: 158
Thandar, A. S. 1989: 294