Afroptera segregata ( Tjeder, 1967 ), Abdalla & Mansell & Sole, 2019

Abdalla, Ishtiag H., Mansell, Mervyn W. & Sole, Catherine L., 2019, Revision of the southern African genera Nemopterella Banks and Nemia Navás (Neuroptera: Nemopteridae: Nemopterinae), with descriptions of new genera and species, Zootaxa 4635 (1), pp. 1-89: 70

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Afroptera segregata ( Tjeder, 1967 )

comb. nov.

Afroptera segregata ( Tjeder, 1967)   comb. nov.

( Figs 67 View FIGURES 67–78 , 96 View FIGURES 96–101 , 123 View FIGURES 123–124 , 138 View FIGURES 133–140 , 151 View FIGURES 151–152 )


Nemopterella segregata Tjeder, 1967: 472   .

Etymology. Unknown.

Type locality. Namibia. Kalkfontein , 28°01’S 18°45’ E GoogleMaps   .

Type depository. SAMC   .

Diagnosis. Afroptera segregata   is similar to A. munroi   , being of similar size, shape of the forewings and abdominal colour. It can be separated from A. munroi   by being more yellowish in colour ( Figs 96 View FIGURES 96–101 , 123 View FIGURES 123–124 ), with much longer body pubescence.

Size (mm). Male: body length 10 (8.2–11.1); forewing 23.5 (20.9–26.3); hind wing 56.0 (47.5–63.4); antenna 22.4 (18.5–27.4). Female: body length 10 (7–11.5); forewing 21.8 (18.4–24.4); hind wing 47.0 (39–52.4); antenna 13.8 (12.6–15.9). (N = 31).

Type material examined. NAMIBIA. Holotype ♂ ( Fig. 123 View FIGURES 123–124 ), SAM–NEU–A001276 / S.W. Africa, Kalkfontein [28°01’S 18°45’E] (white printed label) GoogleMaps   / Holotypus Nemopterella segregata Tjed., Bo Tjeder 1966   (red handwritten label). Allotype ♀, SAM–NEU–A001277 / S.W.Africa, Kalkfontein [28°’ 18°45’E], Oct. 1925, J.S.Brown (white handwritten label) / Allotypus ♀, Nemopterella segregata Tjed., Bo Tjeder 1966   (red handwritten label). (Both SAMC)   .

Other material examined. NAMIBIA. 7♂ 1♀, NEUR08922, Klinghards Mts 10 Km N Garusib, 27°17’S 18°55’E, 2.xi.1986, J. Jarvis GoogleMaps   ; 1♂, NEUR08919, Lorelli, 20 Km SE Rosh Pinah [27°57’55’’S 16°45’34’’E], 15.x.1972, H.D.Brown, E. Koster, A.A.Prinsloo GoogleMaps   . SOUTH AFRICA, Northern Cape Province. 1♂, NEUR08915, Richtersveld, Paradysberg [28°19’40’’S 17°02’14’’E], 21.ix.1967, H.D.Brown GoogleMaps   ; 10♂ 5♀, NEUR08936, Richtersveld, Black Hills , 28°46’47’’S 17°05’47’’E, 400m, 10.x.1991, M.W.Mansell, R.G.Oberprieler GoogleMaps   ; 4♂, NEUR08937, Richtersveld, Blou- bos Ploegberg , 28°38’S 17°01’E, 400m, 8.x.1991, M.W.Mansell, R.G.Obrprieler. (All SANC) GoogleMaps   .

Distribution and habitat. Afroptera segregata   is known from South Africa and Namibia ( Fig. 151 View FIGURES 151–152 ). In South Africa, the known range of distribution is from the Richtersveld Bioregion in the Succulent Karoo Biome ( Mucina & Rutherford 2006). The species seems to be associated with two different vegetation types: the Central Richtersveld Mountain Shrubland where the area is montane with succulent shrubs and herbs, and characterised by mild winter rainfall with an average of 60–200 mm per year. The species is also associated with the Goariep Mountain Succulent Shrubland where the habitat comprises the Goariep Mountain (Ploegberg), vegetated mostly by dense succulent shrubs and Aloe   , and other types of trees. The area receives winter rains with MAP 70 mm. In Namibia, the distribution is in the Kalahari xeric Savanna Ecoregion where the habitat is an open Savanna, known for its extreme aridity and poor nutrient sandy soils; vegetated mostly by grasses, Acacia   and Boscia   trees. The area receives summer rains with an average of 150–500 mm per year ( Lovegrove 1993; Dennis et al. 1997). Another population was found confined to the extension of the Succulent Karoo Biome in southern Namibia, which falls within the Namaqualand-Namib Domain in southwestern Namibia ( Jürgens 1991). The area is characterised by winter rains and succulent vegetation.


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Afroptera segregata ( Tjeder, 1967 )

Abdalla, Ishtiag H., Mansell, Mervyn W. & Sole, Catherine L. 2019

Nemopterella segregata

Tjeder, B. 1967: 472