Protamaurops macedonicus (J. Müller, 1934 )

Bekchiev, Rostislav & Hlaváč, Peter, 2020, Endogean and Cavernicolous Coleoptera of the Balkans. XX. Notes on the genus Protamaurops J. Müller, 1944 (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Pselaphinae) with the description of a new species from Bulgaria, Zootaxa 4779 (3), pp. 367-378 : 374

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Protamaurops macedonicus (J. Müller, 1934 )


Protamaurops macedonicus (J. Müller, 1934)

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Amaurops macedonica J. Müller, 1934: 181 . Type data: alpe Bos Dagh apud Drama, in Graecia septentrionali-orientali

Type material studied: Lectotype, here designated: (♂) Bos D. - Gbg. B. Drama, Nordost-Griechenland. Weirather, Innsbruck, det. J. Müller ( MHNG) ; Paralectotypes: (2 ♂♂, 2 ♀♀) Bos D. - Gbg. B. Drama, Nordost-Griechenland. Weirather, Innsbruck, det. J. Müller; (1♂): Bos D. - Gbg. B. Drama, Nordost-Griechenland. Weirather, Innsbruck ( PCVB) ;

Other material: 1♀: Bulgaria, Belasitsa Mts., Above Kamena Village, near Kamenski Waterfall , under stone, 700 m a.s.l., 16.9.2009, leg. B.Gueorguiev ( Protamaurops sp. in Bekchiev 2011: 508) ; 9♂♂, 13♀♀: Bulgaria, Be- lasitsa Mts., near Kamenishki waterfall, Fagus forest , under stones, 676 m, N41.352183 E23.074883, 19.09.2009, leg. R. Bekchiev ( NMNHS, PCPH) GoogleMaps ; 1♀: Bulgaria, Belasitsa Mts., near Petrich Town, bank of Luda Mara river , un- der stones, 382 m, N41.369101 E23.209443, 08.04.2010, leg. R. Bekchiev ( NMNHS) GoogleMaps . 3♂♂: Greece, Sterea Elada, Bez. Fthiotida, westl. Timfristos , 1300-1400 m, 30.5.1992, leg. V. Brachat ( PCVB) ; 3 spec.: Greece, Ipiros ,, Bez. Ioanina, n/w Metsovo ca 1400 m u. Steinen, 26.8.98, leg. Brachat ( PCPH) .

Redescription: Body slightly shiny, reddish-brown, densely pubescent, covered with long golden setae; legs, antennae and maxillary palpi slightly lighter, length: 2.35–2.64 mm; maximum width of elytra 0.68–0.70 mm.

Head about 1.15 times as wide as long, eyes completely atrophied or usually composed from four to five ommatidia located around robust ocular spine; clypeus large, round; frons with large, deep, triangular excavation that is slightly prolonged anteriorly, forming angle at apex; vertex elevated, forming large hump with one well-defined, long medial carina remote from margin of frontal excavation and extending two-thirds of head length; vertexal fove- ae separated, distant from lateral margin of head; surface between carinae almost glabrous; antennae long 1.10–1.15 mm, scape cylindrical, 1.25 times as long as pedicel twice as long as wide, antennomeres III–VII elongate, (III 2.2 times as long as wide, IV twice, V 2.4, VI twice and VII 1.5 times as long as wide), VIII transverse, IX trapezoidal, 1.5 times as long as wide, X trapezoidal, 1.25 times as wide as long, terminal antennomere triangular, about 1.7 times as long as wide. Pronotum slightly, 1.15 times as long as wide and as long as the head, with deep longitudinal excavation in the middle; lateral carinae long and prominent, with large triangular dent in the basal part, median antebasal and lateral foveae well-defined. Elytra simple, wider than long, at sides round, widest in middle. Abdomen slightly narrower than elytra, first visible tergite (IV) large, distance between lateral carina and median carina 0.18 mm; distance between median carinae 0.16 mm. Legs long and slender, simple, metatrochanters with one small medial ventral spine. Aedeagus ( Fig. 4a View FIGURE 4 ) 0.36-0.37 mm long, sometimes (specimens from Belasitsa Mts., Bulgaria) the apical lobe is sharp, and slightly curved to the left ( Fig. 4b View FIGURE 4 ).

Distribution: Greece, Bulgaria.


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Protamaurops macedonicus (J. Müller, 1934 )

Bekchiev, Rostislav & Hlaváč, Peter 2020

Amaurops macedonica J. Müller, 1934: 181

Muller, G. 1934: 181