Odontodactylus japonicus (De Haan, 1844)

Ahyong, Shane T. & Kumar, Appukuttannair Biju, 2018, First records of seven species of mantis shrimp from India (Crustacea: Stomatopoda), Zootaxa 4370 (4), pp. 381-394 : 384-385

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Odontodactylus japonicus (De Haan, 1844)


Odontodactylus japonicus (De Haan, 1844)

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Gonodactylus japonicus DE HAAN, 1844, PL. 51: FIG. 7 [TYPE LOCALITY: JAPAN].—KEMP 1913: 139–140. Gonodactylus Edwardsii BERTHOLD, 1845: 48 [TYPE LOCALITY: CHINA].

Odontodactylus japonicus .— AHYONG 2001: 81–83, FIG. 39.—AHYONG et al. 2008: 27–28, FIGS. 20, 21.

Material examined. Tamil Nadu: DABFUK, 1 male (TL 77 mm), Arabian Sea off Muttom, 20 January 2017 ; DABFUK, 1 female (TL 84 mm), Arabian Sea off Muttom, 7 October 2016; DABFUK, 1 female (TL 117 mm), Arabian Sea off Muttom, 11 August 2017.

Remarks. The specimens agree closely with published accounts; the dentition of the dactyl of the raptorial claw (seVen teeth) is within the reported range (fiVe to eight teeth) (Ahyong 2001). The preViously known Indian Ocean distribution of O. japonicus is highly disjunct. PreVious records are either from far western localities ( Madagascar and the Seychelles) or the eastern margin (Andaman Sea, Thailand), so the present record from India bridges the significant distributional gap.

Distribution. Madagascar to the Andaman Sea, Australia, the South China Sea, Japan; now from India; 30– 200 m (Ahyong 2001).