Harpiosquilla melanoura Manning, 1968

Ahyong, Shane T. & Kumar, Appukuttannair Biju, 2018, First records of seven species of mantis shrimp from India (Crustacea: Stomatopoda), Zootaxa 4370 (4), pp. 381-394 : 388-389

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Harpiosquilla melanoura Manning, 1968


Harpiosquilla melanoura Manning, 1968

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Harpiosquilla melanoura MANNING, 1968 : 14, 18–21, FIG. 5 [ TYPE LOCALITY: BANC DE PRACEL, W COAST OF MADAGASCAR, 17°00’S, 43°30’E] GoogleMaps .—GHOSH 1976: 54.—LYLA et al. 1997: 5, 10, 15, FIG. 22.—AHYONG 2001: 261–262, FIG. 127.—AHYONG et al. 2008: 118, FIGS. 92–93.

Material examined. Tamil Nadu: ZRC, 1 male (TL 134 mm), 1 female (TL 150 mm), PaZhayar Fish Landing, Nagapattinam, TN 170911 View Materials /2, coll. R. Lasley, B.Y. Lee & N.K. Ng, 17 Sep 2011 ; AM P 100655, 1 male (TL 112 mm), off Muttom, coll. P. Ng et al., 2017; ZRC, 1 male (TL 123 mm), Muttom, coll. P. Ng et al., 2017; ZRC, 1 male (TL 120 mm), off Muttom, 21 March 2017.

Remarks. Harpiosquilla melanoura is readily recogniZed by the combination of the black distal article of the uropodal protopod, absence of a median carina on the carapace, and absence of submedian carinae on the abdomen. It was preViously recorded from Waltair and Parangipettai, so the present records extend the known Indian range to the west coast.

Distribution. Madagascar to India, Australia, the South China Sea, Taiwan and Japan; 10–80 m (Ahyong et al. 2008).


Zoological Reference Collection, National University of Singapore