Gugolzia harmolitae Delucchi

Baur, Hannes, 2001, The Hymenoptera (Chalcidoidea, Ichneumonoidea, Platygastroidea) described by Vittorio Delucchi: an annotated catalogue, Journal of Natural History 35 (1), pp. 55-125: 80

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Gugolzia harmolitae Delucchi


Gugolzia harmolitae Delucchi   and SteOEan ( Pteromalidae   )

Gugolzia harmolitae Delucchi   and SteOEan, 1956: 31. Holotype m, France: Alpes-Maritimes , Menton (MNHN [not examined]).

Material. PARATYPES, MNHN: 1 m (cp) labelled` Menton A. M.; Ex: Harmolita romana; eÂclos le: VI. 53; J. R. SteOEan rec.; Dinarmus sp.   Ch. FerrieÁre det.; (prob.) Holo-type [round label with red rim]; probab. H-TYPE Bck. 1990 [back side of former label]; probab   . HOLOTYPE m Gugolzia harmolitae Delucchi   1 SteOEan BoucÏek det. 1970 [red]’ is accepted as part of the type series. However, it cannot be the holotype, since it was not designated as such by Delucchi and SteOEan and even lacks an original identi®cation label. VD: 1 m (cp) with data as speci®ed by Delucchi and SteOEan and labelled   `PARATYPE [red]’. Two slides (sc) with left antenna and left fore wing which most probably originate from this specimen.

Remarks. The holotype and one female paratype cited for the MNHN were not available for examination. One female paratype quoted for VD could not be traced.

Status. Gugolzia harmolitae Delucchi   and SteOEan.