Tetrastichus misellus Delucchi

Baur, Hannes, 2001, The Hymenoptera (Chalcidoidea, Ichneumonoidea, Platygastroidea) described by Vittorio Delucchi: an annotated catalogue, Journal of Natural History 35 (1), pp. 55-125: 116

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http://doi.org/ 10.1080/002229301447899

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Tetrastichus misellus Delucchi


Tetrastichus misellus Delucchi   ( Eulophidae   )

Tetrastichus misellus Delucchi, 1954b: 101   . Lectotype m, Germany: Oberbayern , Grafrath, here designated (VD [examined]).

Material. LECTOTYPE m (mp) labelled`222’.

PARALECTOTYPES, VD: 6 mm, 2 ll, labelled and mounted as follows: 2 mm (mp)`224’, 1 m (mp)`222’, and parts of at least 3 mm, 2 llon three slides (sc), labelled as follows: one slide`31; Tetrastichus   m lmisellus n. sp. antenne e lamina subge   .

no. 226.’ with head respectively frons and antennae of two females, female hypopygium, and male frons and antennae, one slide`32; m lTetrastichus misellus n. sp. no.

226 antenne e genitalia’ with hypopygium, ovipositor, head, and antennae of a female (? left antenna illustrated, 1954b: 106, ®gure 4g), and head and antennae of a male (? left antenna illustrated, 1954b: 106, ®gures 4f, 4i), and one slide`33; m l Tetrastichus misellus   n. sp. no 226 DIS’ with female fore wings (left fore wing illustrated, 1954b: 100, ®gure 2i; 106, ®gure 4h).

Remarks. Delucchi described both sexes and stated` Type in meiner Sammlung.’ but did not specify the number of specimens he had.

Only the above four females provided with Heering’s serial number stood under this name in Delucchi’s collection. The specimens ®t the description well, the third was chosen as lectotype. It is in reasonable condition though all specimens were more or less shrivelled due to subsequent mounting from the liquid (? ethanol with glycerine). Since the original vials with reference numbers`222’,`224’, and`226’ could be traced, there is no doubt that the specimens originate from Heering’s rearings of Agrilus viridis (Linnaeus)   ( Coleoptera   : Buprestidae   ) from Grafrath ( Heering, 1956: 85 ±87). Unfortunately, the labels inside these vials were in a very bad condition and additional information on host, date, etc. illegible. Excluded from the type series are seven females (mp) numbered`39’,`50’, or`58’ (one specimen subsequently transferred to the BMNH) which could be identi®ed from the boxes of Heering (see Tetrastichus heeringi Delucchi   ). Parts of the three slides were, apparently, illustrated by Delucchi. Thus, the left fore wing of a female could be identi®ed from a ®gure without question. However, with regard to the antennae this was more di cult to achieve. Although measurements and comparisons of individual components (scape, funicular segments, clava) convince me that the indicated antennae (see above) have been ®gured, none of them ®t exactly the position illustrated.

This may be do to subsequent movement of the parts in the Canada balsam or requirements of printing made Delucchi alter their position.

Status. Quadrastichu s misellus (Delucchi) ( Graham, 1991: 62)   .














Tetrastichus misellus Delucchi

Baur, Hannes 2001

Tetrastichus misellus

DELUCCHI, V. 1954: 101