Dichotomius (Luederwaldtinia) opalescens ( Felsche, 1910 ),

Maldaner, Maria E., Nunes, Rafael V. & Vaz-De-Mello, Fernando Z., 2015, Taxonomic revision of the Dichotomius speciosus (Waterhouse, 1891) species group (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae), Zootaxa 3986 (5), pp. 549-560: 553-555

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Dichotomius (Luederwaldtinia) opalescens ( Felsche, 1910 )


Dichotomius (Luederwaldtinia) opalescens ( Felsche, 1910) 

( Fig. 3View FIGURE 3)

Pinotus speciosus Waterhouse  pro part: Felsche 1901: 145 (misidentification);

Pinotus opalescens Felsche 1910: 342  (original description); Gillet 1911: 61 (catalog); Blackwelder 1944: 207 (checklist);

Dichotomius (Luederwaldtinia) bucki Pereira 1953: 290  –293 (original description); Vaz-de-Mello 2000: 193 (checklist); new synonym;

Dichotomius (Luederwaldtinia) opalescens  ; Vaz-de-Mello 2000: 193 (citation)

Specimens studied. Types: of P. opalescens  : Lectotype here designated: ♂ Coll. Nonfried. BRASILIA / Typus / Coll. C. Felsche Kauf 20, 1918 / opalescens Felsche  Brasilien [ SMTD]. Paralectotypes: 3 ♂ 1 ♀: same as lectotype but without identification label (♂ 1, ♂ 2 and ♀); Brasilien St. Catharina (♂ 3). See remarks below.

Of D. bucki  : Holotype: S. F. Paula 1.35 / HOLÓTIPO / Dichotomius  bucki  sp. n. P. Pereira det. 953 [ MZSP]. Allotype and paratypes: same locality (20 specimens MZSP; 1 ♂ 1 ♀ NHML; 1 ♂ 1 ♀ IRSN).

Non-type material. BRASIL: Rio Grande do Sul: São Francisco de Paula. FLONA, floresta ombrófila mista. Hum. faec. 13.I. 2008. L. Audino [6 ♂ 8 ♀ CEMT]; same locality but FLONA, eucalipto. 13.I. 2008 [♂ ♀ CEMT]; same locality but FLONA, PROMATA. 10–13.XII. 2009. P. C. Grossi [♀ CEMT]; Taimbezinho. Parque Nacional dos Aparados da Serra. II. 1960 [♀ CEMT]; Cambará do Sul. 06.I. 1985 [♂ CEMT]; Santa Catarina: Bom Jardim da Serra. Mantiqueira. 03.I. 2002. C. Arioli [13 ♂; 6 ♀ CEMT]; same locality XII. 2001 [♂ 2 ♀ CEMT]; Urubici. P. N. São Joaquim. 16–19.III. 2012. - 28.1206S /- 49.4943W. Grossi, Parizotto & Leivas. [♂ 3 ♀ CEMT].

Diagnosis. Within the group, D. opalescens  is the only species bearing the following combination of characters: body surface blue to bluish green with some individuals having reddish brown elytra ( Fig. 3View FIGURE 3 A –B, 6); males cephalic carina bearing one acute tubercle at each end; male pronotum bearing a centrally projected lobe, with a longitudinal sulcus producing a pair of tubercles ( Fig. 3View FIGURE 3 A). This species has a detailed published description made by Pereira (1953) under D. bucki  .

Remarks. Felsche (1901) cited that his specimens of P. speciosus  had colors different from those described by Waterhouse (1891): Those of Felsche were entirely grayish blue or blue with brown elytra ( Fig. 6View FIGURE 6), and he first considered this as a color variation within D. speciosus  . Nine years later, Felsche (1910) reinterpreted these variations considering these specimens to be the types of the new species P. opalescens  . Pereira (1953), considered that maybe D. speciosus  and D. opalescens  were synonymous, because the specimens he analyzed came from the same location, and he thus described D. bucki  as a new species. Examination of the types of D. opalescens  allowed us to resolve the correct application of this last name, relegating D. bucki  to synonymy. The syntype ♂ 1 (here considered as paralectotype) of P. opalescens  is in fact a specimen of D. alvarengai  new species. Paralectotype ♂ 2 is blue with red/brown elytra, a color variation that may be characteristic of younger/teneral individuals ( Fig. 6View FIGURE 6).

Distribution. Above 1000 meters in the Serra Geral mountain range, known from the south of the state of Santa Catarina and north of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, but could be present also in northern areas of Santa Catarina and Southern Paraná states ( Fig. 7View FIGURE 7 A, C).


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Dichotomius (Luederwaldtinia) opalescens ( Felsche, 1910 )

Maldaner, Maria E., Nunes, Rafael V. & Vaz-De-Mello, Fernando Z. 2015

Dichotomius (Luederwaldtinia) bucki

Pereira 1953: 290

Pinotus opalescens

Blackwelder 1944: 207
Gillet 1911: 61
Felsche 1910: 342

Pinotus speciosus

Felsche 1901: 145