Martin, Joel W. & Haney, Todd A., 2005, Decapod crustaceans from hydrothermal vents and cold seeps: a review through 2005, Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 145 (4), pp. 445-522 : 475

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Remarks: Chevaldonné & Olu (1996) reviewed the anomurans known from vent and seep sites. In addition to the species noted below, they noted that at least two hermit crabs had been observed, one ‘from cold seeps of the Barbados accretionary prism, at depths of 1000 – 2000 m’ and another from Monterey Bay seeps at depths of 600–1000 m. For both of these observations they cited personal observations (K. Olu and J. Barry, respectively). The Barbados hermit ‘seems to belong to the genus Parapagurus ’ ( Chevaldonné & Olu, 1996: 287), whereas the Monterey hermit had not been identified as of that writing (listed as Paguridae unknown sp. in Barry et al., 1996). Chevaldonné & Olu (1996) mentioned the possibility that the Monterey specimen might be a parapagurid, as these crabs are common at those depths. We are not aware of the location of either specimen. To our knowledge this information has not been published other than that reference. One species of parapagurid from vents off Taiwan has since been described ( Lemaitre, 2004). A study of a very shallow volcanic site off Papua New Guinea ( Tarasov et al., 1999) includes several other anomuran genera not listed here ( Hippa , Dardanus and Pagurus ) that most likely were not affected by the volcanism; we have not included those records here.