Daphnogene UNGER , 1850

Teodoridis, Vasilis, Kvaček, Zlatko, Radoň, Miroslav, Raprich, Vladislav & Bruch, Angela A., 2020, A New Oligocene Flora From Ludvíkovice Near Děčín (České Středohoří Mts., The Czech Republic), Fossil Imprint 76 (2), pp. 297-314 : 301

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https://doi.org/ 10.37520/fi.2020.024

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Daphnogene UNGER , 1850


Genus Daphnogene UNGER, 1850

Daphnogene cinnamomifolia (BRONGN.) UNGER, 1850 Pl. 1, Figs 5, 6

1822 Phyllites cinnamomifolia BRONGN. in Cuvier, p. 359, pl. 11, fig. 12.

1850 Daphnogene cinnamomifolia (BRONGN.) UNGER, p. 424.

M a t e r i a l.14 incomplete simple leaves and fragments, impressions PA 1623, PA 1638, PA 1663A, PA 1665, PA 1673, PA 1678, PA 1679, NM-G 12797, NM-G 12802, NM-G 12805, NM-G 12807, NM-G 12812, NM-G 12815.

D e s c r i p t i o n. Leaves lanceolate to widely oval, up to 120 mm long and 52 mm wide, apex not preserved probably shortly acuminate and blunt, base cuneate with fragmentary petiole, margin entire, venation suprabasal acrodromous, midrib strong, moderate, straight or curved, lateral veins thinner, alternate, running along the margin, usually connecting with secondaries at 2/3 of the blade length, secondary veins thinner, alternate, originating at 40° to 50°, curved and looping by margin or between midrib and lateral veins, tertiary veins alternate perpendicular, straight to sinuous, often forked, venation of the higher orders poorly preserved.

R e m a r k s. The leaves of Daphnogene cinnamomifolia are known from most Oligocene localities of Europe and obviously represent lineal to oval lanceolate “sun” and larger oval “shade” leaves distinguished as two foliage forms “ cinnamomifolia ” and “ lanceolata ” (e.g., Kvaček and Walther 1995). In volcanic floras this element usually occurs abundantly (lacking at Bechlejovice). In Hammerunterwiesenthal (Krušné hory / Erzgebirge Mts.) and Valeč (Doupovské hory Mts.) it occurs in lacustrine sediments with volcaniclastic admixture as a possible “pioneer” plant ( Kvaček and Walther 1995).












Daphnogene UNGER , 1850

Teodoridis, Vasilis, Kvaček, Zlatko, Radoň, Miroslav, Raprich, Vladislav & Bruch, Angela A. 2020

Daphnogene cinnamomifolia (BRONGN.) UNGER , 1850 Pl.

UNGER, Oligocene 1850