Striamea Raven, 1981

Passanha, Victor & Brescovit, Antonio D., 2018, On the Neotropical spider Subfamily Masteriinae (Araneae, Dipluridae), Zootaxa 4463 (1), pp. 1-73 : 56

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Striamea Raven, 1981


Striamea Raven, 1981 View in CoL

Striamea Raven, 1981: 57 View in CoL . Type species by original designation, Striamea gertschi View in CoL .

Diagnosis. Species of Striamea differ from the other genera of Masteriinae in having a color pattern on carapace and abdomen ( Fig. 34B View FIGURE 34 ), elevated ocular tubercle ( Fig. 34A View FIGURE 34 ), one row of trichobothria on the metatarsi, teeth of inferior tarsal claw emerging from a projected base ( Fig. 35A–B View FIGURE 35 ) and australotheline crescent absent ( Fig. 35D View FIGURE 35 ).

Description. Complementary description of Raven (1981): Small sized mygalomorph spiders, total length (3.30–8.98). Carapace with thoracic and abdominal pattern, with stripes and spots ( Fig. 34A–B View FIGURE 34 ). Ocular tubercle wider than long, projected. Endites without cuspules, with linear serrula on apical border ( Fig. 36A View FIGURE 36 ). Three tarsal claws ( Fig. 35A–B View FIGURE 35 ). Trichobothria with corrugated bases ( Fig. 36D View FIGURE 36 ), one row on tarsi and metatarsi, and two rows on tibiae. Tarsal organ without elevation with low and concentric keels ( Fig. 36B View FIGURE 36 ). Metatarsus I with apical ventral megaspine ( Fig. 35C View FIGURE 35 ). Palpal tibia with apical retrolateral spines, short apical ventral depression ( Fig. 37A–C View FIGURE 37 ). Palpal bulb without paraembolic apophysis. Posterior median spinnerets without australotheline crescent ( Fig. 35D View FIGURE 35 ). Female genitalia with unilobed spermathecae and small glandular region ( Fig. 37F–G View FIGURE 37 ).

Note. After analysis of type material of Striamea gertschi we found an apical megaspine on metatarsus I of the male, differing from the diagnosis proposed by Raven (1981). The leg I, endites and palp of the holotype were used by the author in SEM, we repeat the process for SEM, confirming the megaspine seen on stereomicroscope.

Species included. Striamea gertschi Raven, 1981 , S. magna Raven, 1981 .

Distribution. Only at Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Magdalena, Colombia.












Striamea Raven, 1981

Passanha, Victor & Brescovit, Antonio D. 2018


Raven, 1981 : 57
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