Habrodera Motschulsky, 1862

Serrano, Artur R. M. & Capela, Rúben A., 2013, The tiger beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae, Cicindelinae) of Angola: a descriptive catalogue and designation of neotypes, Zootaxa 3731 (4), pp. 401-444 : 434-435

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.3731.4.1

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Habrodera Motschulsky, 1862


Habrodera Motschulsky, 1862 View in CoL (Etud. entomol. 11: 22)

An African genus with five recognised valid species (Jaskula & Cassola 2005). Three of them have been in Angola. All species of this genus occur on sand beaches of oceans, rivers or lakes.

Habrodera cabinda (Bates, 1878) (Cist. Ent. 2: 331)

Distribution in Angola

Old records:

— Type locality: Landana, Loango (U. More), several ♂ and ♀, BNHM?

—Landana (U. More) ( CABINDA ) (5), Luango (U. More) ( CABINDA ) (5), Lobito (BENGUELA) (227/8) (Wellman & Horn 1908 sub Cicindela cabinda ; Jaskula & Cassola 2005).

Cabinda , without locality ( CABINDA ) (Ferreira 1965 sub Cicindela leucoptera Dejean ).

Cabinda , without locality ( CABINDA ), Malongo (not Benguella) ( CABINDA ) (5), Ilha do Cabo (=Ilha de Luanda) ( LUANDA) (89), Luanda —Kwanza River (25 km south Luanda, probably near Morro da Cruz) ( LUANDA) (89) (Jaskula & Cassola 2005).

Remarks. A tiger beetle species with a distribution throughout the seashores of Angola and D. R. of the Congo

(Werner 2000b). Habrodera cabinda was described from Angola and it was latter synonymized with H. leucoptera

by Fleutiaux (1892). Werner (2000b) named it as a subspecies of H. leucoptera , but it was elevated again to the

level of full species by Jaskula & Cassola (2005). Wellman & Horn (1908) noticed that this species and H. nitidula

are sympatric and were “taken on the beach (that part which is kept more or less wet by the tides)” and by its color

are “rendered inconspicuous as it sits on the sand”, and are “usually noticeable only when flying”.

Habrodera nilotica nilotica (Dejean, 1825) (Spec. Coleop. I: 119)

Distribution in Angola

Old records:

—Humbi (fronteira Angola / Namíbia) (=Humbe) (CUNENE) (422) (Horn 1935; Monard et al. 1956; Ferreira 1965

all sub Cicindela nilotica ).

Remarks. A species present throughout the African countries south of the Sahel (Werner 2000b). It occupies the shores and banks of rivers and lakes which conforms well to the Humbe locality near the Cunene River in Angola. Werner (2000b) in spite of the published records of this species in Angola, did not include it for this country. Unlike the majority of the Afrotropical tiger beetles, adults of H. nitidula are independent of the rainy seasons and are active throughout the year.

Habrodera nitidula nitidula (Dejean, 1825) (Spec. Coleop. I: 120)

Distribution in Angola

Old records:

— Angola (Welwitsch) (Putzeys 1880 sub Cicindela nitidula ).

— Angola (Welwitsch), Landana (U. More) ( CABINDA ) (5), Luango (U. More) ( CABINDA ) (5), Lobito (BENGUELA) (227/8) (Wellman & Horn 1908 sub Cicindela nitidula ; Jaskula & Cassola 2005).

— Angola (Ferreira 1965 sub Cicindela nitidula ).

Material examined: Angola (Welwitsch), 2 ♂, 1 ♀, reg. nº 1907, “Old Collection” MZUC. Remarks. A tiger beetle species with a distribution throughout the sandy seashores of the western African

countries (Jaskula & Cassola, 2005; Serrano, 2007). In spite of the several records given to Angola, Werner

(2000b) questioned its presence in this country. The three specimens examined here (MZUC) are much damaged

and were erroneously identified as Cicindela nilotica Dejean. Habrodera nitidula is a sandy seashore species

occurring simpatricaly with Habrodera cabinda (Bates) in some Angolan localities (see above distribution on H.

cabinda ).











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