Euryarthron Guérin-Méneville, 1849

Serrano, Artur R. M. & Capela, Rúben A., 2013, The tiger beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae, Cicindelinae) of Angola: a descriptive catalogue and designation of neotypes, Zootaxa 3731 (4), pp. 401-444 : 410-411

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Euryarthron Guérin-Méneville, 1849


Euryarthron Guérin-Méneville, 1849 View in CoL (Mag. Zool. 158–161: 5)

There is no general publication for this African genus. Cassola (1983) make a short review of the hitherto known species of the Group I (sensu Rivalier, 1957). Other works deal with some species (e.g., Cassola, 1995). The 3 species found in Angola are endemic.

Euryarthron quadristriatum (W. Horn, 1897) (Entomol. Nachrichten. 23: 239)

Distribution in Angola

Old records:

— Type locality: Huilla (=Missão da Huila) (HUILA) (356), 2 ♀, SDEI.

New localities reported: 3,5km SW and 10km W Negola (HUILA) (317); 20km NE Cacula (HUILA) (317); 20 km S Caluquembe (HUILA) (317) (P. Schüle pers. comm.).

Material examined: Angola (without locality and date), 2 ♀, both exemplars with reg. nº1907, “Old Collection” MZUC.

Remarks. An endemic species of Angola. One of the examined specimens exhibits a short straight longitudinal band from the shoulders and an ante-apical arc-shaped lunule very faint, the other one has no bands. This species was redescribed by Cassola (1995).

The new material collected by Peter Schüle in 2011/ 2012 in several localities of the Huila province significantly.increases our knowledge on the distribution of this species in Angola. Adults occur in open secondary forest (P. Schüle pers. comm.).

Euryarthron reticostatum (Wellman & W. Horn, 1908) (Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philad.: 509)

Distribution in Angola

Old records:

— Type locality: Enyalanganja or great plains, 3h south of the Ekuiva River (=Kuiva River), 1♂, SDEI.

—Benguela (BENGUELA) (251?) (Ferreira 1965, eventually this author ascribed the type locality to Benguela province).

—Bailundo (HUAMBO) (232) (Cassola 1995).

New localities reported: 75 km N Caconda (near Cuima) and 75km NE Caconda (HUAMBO) (280) (P. Schüle pers. comm.).

Remarks. An endemic tiger beetle species of Angola. It was impossible to determine the Enyalanganja locality or region. The species was redescribed by Cassola (1995). Until now apparently only the type specimen and the specimens of Bailundo were known. The new material collected by P. Schüle in open secondary forest between Cuima and Caconda increases our knowledge on the distribution of this species in Angola.

Wellman & W. Horn (1908) call attention that “the size, color and sculpture of this species, and especially its movements, lend it when alive the appearance of a Carabid”. Moreover they noted that “it did not attempt to fly when pursued, although it was in bright sunshine”.

Euryarthron cosmemosignatum (W. Horn, 1913) [Arch. Naturgesch. 79 (A11): 25]

Distribution in Angola

Old records:

— Type locality: Angola (without locality), 2 ♀, SDEI.

—Ganda (BENGUELA) (278) (Horn 1935; Monard et al. 1956, both sub Cicindela cosmemosignata ; Cassola 1995).

Remarks. A species recorded in Angola and Katanga in D. R. of the Congo (Werner 2000a). Curiously

Cassola & Bouyer (2011) did not record the species for Katanga. No ecological data are known for this species.











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