Lacertus Garsault, 1764,

Dubois, Alain & Bour, Roger, 2010, The nomenclatural status of the nomina of amphibians and reptiles created by Garsault (1764), with a parsimonious solution to an old nomenclatural problem regarding the genus Bufo (Amphibia, Anura), comments on the taxonomy of this genus, and comments on some nomina created by Laurenti (1768), Zootaxa 2447, pp. 1-52: 25-26

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Lacertus Garsault, 1764


Lacertus Garsault, 1764 

The spelling Lacertus  used by Garsault (1764: pl. 668, 669, 674; table, p. 14) for his genus accommodating the “Lézards” is distinct from Lacerta Linnaeus, 1758  . It was consistently used by the author in this work and the following ones ( Garsault 1765, 1767) and therefore cannot be considered as an incorrect subsequent spelling as stated by Welter-Schultes & Klug (2009: 234) or a typographical error. The spelling Lacertus  had a common pre-Linnaean usage and appeared in particular in sources of Garsault that we identified above (e.g. Gessner 1554, 1587; Schröder 1672; Ray 1693). This spelling was also used by de la Cepède (1788 c: 447), to whom this neonym was previously credited ( David et al. 2002: 24). Following the criteria provided by Dubois (1987), we consider it as an autoneonym of Lacerta Linnaeus, 1758  (family LACERTIDAE Batsch, 1788  2). Therefore, the nominal species Lacerta agilis Linnaeus, 1758  , being the nucleospecies of Lacerta  by subsequent designation of Fitzinger (1843: 20), is also that of Lacertus  .

Garsault (1764) illustrated three nominal species, easily identifiable, in the genus Lacertus  : Lacertus aquatilis  , Lacertus terrestris  and Lacertus viridis  . These are discussed successively below.