Scinax catharinae (Boulenger, 1888)

FAIVOVICH, JULIÁN, HADDAD, CÉLIO F. B., GARCIA, PAULO C. A., FROST, DARREL R., CAMPBELL, JONATHAN A. & WHEELER, WARD C., 2005, Systematic Review Of The Frog Family Hylidae, With Special Reference To Hylinae: Phylogenetic Analysis And Taxonomic Revision, Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 2005 (294), pp. 1-240 : 95

publication ID 10.1206/0003-0090(2005)294[0001:SROTFF]2.0.CO;2

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Scinax catharinae


Scinax catharinae Group

DIAGNOSIS: Because we only included two species of the Scinax catharinae group as exemplars of the S. catharinae clade, the molecular transformations that diagnose this group are redundant with those diagnosing the S. catharinae clade. Presumed morphological synapomorphies of this group include the posterior part of the cricoid ring extensively elongated and curved, the partial mineralization of intercalary elements between ultimate and penultimate phalanges, and the laterodistal origin of the m. extensor brevis distalis digiti III (Faivovich, 2002).

CONTENTS: Twenty­seven species. Scinax agilis (Cruz and Peixoto, 1983) ; Scinax albicans (Bokermann, 1967) ; Scinax angrensis (B. Lutz, 1973) ; Scinax argyreornatus (Miranda­Ribeiro, 1926) ; Scinax ariadne (Bokermann, 1967) ; Scinax aromothyella Faivovich, 2005 ; Scinax berthae (Barrio, 1962) ; Scinax brieni (De Witte, 1927) ; Scinax canastrensis (Cardoso and Haddad, 1982) ; Scinax carnevalli (Caramaschi and Kisteumach­ er, 1989); Scinax catharinae (Boulenger, 1888) ; Scinax centralis (Pombal and Bastos, 1996) ; Scinax flavoguttatus (A. Lutz and B. Lutz, 1939) ; Scinax heyeri (Peixoto and Weygoldt, 1986) ; Scinax hiemalis (Haddad and Pombal, 1987) ; Scinax humilis (B. Lutz, 1954) ; Scinax jureia (Pombal and Gordo, 1991) ; Scinax kautskyi (Carvalho e Silva and Peixoto, 1991) ; Scinax littoralis (Pombal and Gordo, 1991) ; Scinax longilineus (B. Lutz, 1968) ; Scinax luizotavioi (Caramaschi and Kisteumacher, 1989) ; Scinax machadoi (Bokermann and Sazima, 1973) ; Scinax obtriangulatus (B. Lutz, 1973) ; Scinax ranki (Andrade and Cardoso, 1987) ; Scinax rizi­ bilis (Bokermann, 1964); Scinax strigilatus (Spix, 1824) ; and Scinax trapicheiroi (B. Lutz, 1954) .