Cryptachaea parana ( Levi, 1963 ),

Santanna, Manoela, Rodrigues, Everton Nei Lopes, Cizauskas, Igor & Brescovit, Antonio Domingos, 2019, On the spider genus Cryptachaea from Peru, Bolivia and cave environments in Brazil: a new species, additional descriptions and new records (Araneae, Theridiidae), Zootaxa 4646 (2), pp. 271-292: 276-278

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Cryptachaea parana ( Levi, 1963 )


Cryptachaea parana ( Levi, 1963) 

Figs. 5, 6View FIGURES 5–8, 11, 12View FIGURES 9–14, 34View FIGURE 34

Achaearanea parana Levi, 1963: 213  , fig. 42, male holotype, from Taguararapa, Alto-Paraná, Paraguay, deposited in American Museum of Natural History, not examined.

Cryptachaea parana: Yoshida, 2008: 39  (transferred to Cryptachaea  ).

Diagnosis. Female epigynum of Cryptachaea parana  resembles that of Cryptachaea taeniata ( Keyserling, 1884)  (see Levi, 1959: 72, figs. 39, 40), by the circular and sclerotized copulatory openings and oval spermathecae ( Fig. 5View FIGURES 5–8), but differ from this species by the fertilization ducts and spermathecae less separated from each other ( Fig. 6View FIGURES 5–8), and by the epigynal plate flat, while that of C. taeniata  is with medium depression.

Description. Male described by Levi (1963: 213). Here we provide for the first time photo of the male in dorsal view ( Fig. 11View FIGURES 9–14).

Female ( IBSP 180233): Total length 4.21. Carapace: length 1.66, width 1.32. Clypeus: height 0.23. Sternum: length 0.71, width 0.71. Chelicerae: length 0.57, width 0.20. Abdomen: length: 2.55, width 2.14, height 2.17. Leg formula IV/II/III (leg I, absent). Segment length (II/III/IV): femora 1.73/1.42/2.31; patellae+tibiae 1.87/1.22/2.04; metatarsi+tarsi 2.27/1.63/2.53 total: 5.88/4.28/6.93. Palp: femora 0.44, patellae 0.17, tibiae 0.17, tarsi 0.54. AME bigger than the other eyes; other eyes are the same size. Eyes with dark borders ( Fig. 12View FIGURES 9–14). Carapace oval, brown with dark borders ( Fig. 12View FIGURES 9–14). Clypeus pale brown, laterally concave. Chelicerae yellow. Labium yellow, subquadrangular. Endites brown, subquadrangular. Ocular area yellow, slightly darker between median eyes ( Fig. 12View FIGURES 9–14). Sternum brown, with dark brown dots. Legs yellow, except distal femur and tibiae apex with dark brown spot. Abdomen dorsally grayish, with two lateral triangular and one posterior dark brown spots ( Fig. 12View FIGURES 9–14) and with median and posterior white spots ( Fig. 12View FIGURES 9–14); ventrally yellow, with dark brown and white dots. Spinnerets brown. Epigynum with epigynal plate wider than long ( Fig. 5View FIGURES 5–8), with two circular and sclerotized copulatory openings, and two oval spermathecae ( Fig. 6View FIGURES 5–8). Fertilization ducts short and copulatory ducts coiled ( Fig. 6View FIGURES 5–8).

Variation. Females (n=6): Total length 2.83–4.28. Carapace: length 1.06–1.70, width 0.78–2.14. Femur leg I 1.82–2.96.

New records. BRAZIL: Tocantins, Dianópolis, Cave Toca da Onça (11°38’33’’S; 46°42’22’’W), 4M, 4 F, R. Andrade et al. coll., 04–09.XII.2007 ( IBSP 134213View Materials)GoogleMaps  , Pellegatti-Franco et al. coll., 21–29.V.2008 ( IBSP 134267View Materials)  5F, 04–12.III.2008 ( IBSP 134162View Materials)  , 1M, 6F, 04–12.VIII.2008 ( IBSP 134344View Materials)  , 4F ( IBSP 134348View Materials)  , 1F ( IBSP 134349View Materials)  ; Cave Caverna da Coluna ( AR-E3-05) (11°39’5958’’S; 46°43’21’’W)  , 1F, Pellegatti-Franco et al. coll., 04–12. III.2008 ( IBSP 134170View Materials)  , 1M, 2F ( IBSP 134414View Materials)  ; Cave Gruta Três Morros—1 (Gruta dos 3 Morros 1 AR-F5-01) (11°39’46’’S; 46°42’56’’W), 1F, Pellegatti-Franco et al. coll., 04–12.VIII.2008 ( IBSP 134371View Materials)GoogleMaps  ; Cave Gruta Três Morros—3 (Gruta dos 3 Morros 3AR-F5-03) (11°39’46’’S; 46°42’57’’W), 2 F, R.Andrade et al. coll., 04–09.XII.2007 ( IBSP 134248View Materials)GoogleMaps  , 1F, Pellegatti-Franco et al. coll., 04–12.III.2008 ( IBSP 134180View Materials)  , 1F ( IBSP 134422View Materials)  ; Cave Gruta dos Mangangá AR-D1-01 (11°38’43’’S; 46°43’29’’W), 1M, 3 F, R. Andrade et al. coll., 04–09.XII.2007 ( IBSP 134240View Materials)GoogleMaps  , 1F, Pellegatti-Franco et al. coll., 04–12.III.2008 ( IBSP 134190View Materials)  , 1M, 1F ( IBSP 134407View Materials)  ; Cave Caverna dos Mojadores ( AR-D1-02) (11°38’45’’S; 46°43’28’’W)GoogleMaps  , 4F, R. Andrade et al. coll., 04–09.XII.2007 ( IBSP 134226View Materials)  , 1M, 1F, Pellegatti-Franco et al. coll., 21–29.V.2008 ( IBSP 134260View Materials)  , 1M, 1F, 04–12.VIII.2008 ( IBSP 134360View Materials)  ; Cave Caverna da Areia (11°39’2’’S; 46°43’21’’W), 2M, 2 F, R. Andrade et al. coll., 04–09.XII.2007 ( IBSP 134228View Materials)GoogleMaps  ; Cave Gruta do N.A. 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Distribution. Paraguay (Alto Paraná) and Brazil (Tocantins, Goiás, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso do Sul, São Paulo and Paraná) ( Fig. 34View FIGURE 34).


Instituto Biologico de Sao Paulo


McNeese State University














Cryptachaea parana ( Levi, 1963 )

Santanna, Manoela, Rodrigues, Everton Nei Lopes, Cizauskas, Igor & Brescovit, Antonio Domingos 2019

Cryptachaea parana: Yoshida, 2008: 39

Yoshida, H. 2008: 276

Achaearanea parana

Levi, H. W. 1963: 276