Neotrichia tatianae Armitage and Harris, 2018

Armitage, Brian J. & Harris, Steven C., 2018, The Trichoptera of Panama V. Descriptions of new species, new country records, and a synonymy, Insecta Mundi 604, pp. 1-11: 7-9

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Neotrichia tatianae Armitage and Harris

new species

Neotrichia tatianae Armitage and Harris   , new species

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Description: Holotype male. Length 1.7–1.9 mm, 18 antennal segments, brown in alcohol. Abdominal segment VIII tapering dorsally in lateral view, setose lobe from posterolateral margin. Segment IX retracted within segment VIII, rounded anteriorly, posterodorsally with elongate tapering process, turning ventrad subapically; left process much longer than right; in dorsal view, elongate lateral processes asymmetrical, left process longer and more sinuate than right, anterior margin shallowly incised. Segment X in lateral view shelf-like and tapering to acute distal apex; dorsally deeply incised laterally, posteriorly with mesal incision. Subgenital plate in lateral view wide basally, tapering to bifid apex, dorsal process bearing stout seta, ventral process with acute, downturned apex; in ventral view tapering distally to bifid apex bearing pair of stout setae, ventral process rounded with margins sclerotized. Bracteoles reduced to a short setal-bearing lobe. Inferior appendages wide basally and apically, distally with multiple incisions and setose; in ventral view curving slightly mesad, distally bifid, inner process acute apically, outer process with numerous apical setal-bearing knobs, thin setal-bearing process from mesal margin. Phallus in ventral view divided into apical and basally sections with thin paramere encircling shaft at midlength tubular, apical portion tapering distally, with apex bending laterally, ejaculatory duct protruding subapically.

Female. Unknown.

Type material. Holotype, male— PANAMA, Chiriqui Province, Cuenca 108, tributary of Quebrada Grande at the waterfall, Valle Escondido , Boquete , 8.78291°N, 82.44579°W, 1253 m, 26 September GoogleMaps  

2015, B. and T. Armitage ( COZEM). Paratypes — PANAMA, Boca del Toro Province, Cuenca 93, unnamed creek, Rambala Jungle Lodge, 3.7 km SSE Rambala, 8.91627°N, 82.15649°W, 9 August 2015, E. Carlson, 2 males ( BJA).

Etymology. We take great pleasure in naming this species for Tatiana Arefina-Armitage who collected many of the specimens in Panama and who has contributed much to our knowledge of caddisflies around the world.

Remarks. Neotrichia tatianae   belongs to a large cluster of neotropical species with a characteristic elongate process from segment IX, including N. cayada Harris and Davenport   , N. colmillosa Harris   , N. hajla Olah and Johanson   , and N. gilmari Santos and Nessimian. The   new species is readily identified by the structure of the inferior appendages, the asymmetrical nature of the processes from segment IX, and the very short lateral bracteoles.


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