Maruina (Aculcina) mucugensis, Bravo & Araújo, 2018

Bravo, Freddy & Araújo, Maíra Xavier, 2018, Two new species and new records of Maruina Müller, 1895 (Diptera: Psychodidae) in Brazil, Zootaxa 4415 (1), pp. 189-194: 190-193

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Maruina (Aculcina) mucugensis

sp. nov.

Maruina (Aculcina) mucugensis   sp. nov.

Figs. 7–15 View FIGURES 7–12 View FIGURES 13–15

Diagnosis. Vertex 0.3 times the length of the head. Eyes contiguous, with 3 facet rows; interocular suture absent. Wing with R3 connected to R2. CuA2 reaching the wing apex. Hypandrium sclerotized, stripe like. Aedeagus bifid, subcylindrical, fused at apex.

Description. Adult male. Head ( Fig. 7 View FIGURES 7–12 ): Vertex 0.3 times the length of the head; vertex scar patch without a distinct glabrous central area; eyes contiguous; eye bridge with 3 facet rows; interocular suture absent; frontal scars in two slightly separated patchs. Antenna ( Figs. 8–9 View FIGURES 7–12 ): scape subcylindrical, approximately the same length of pedicel; pedicel subspherical; flagellum with 13 flagellomeres, all barrel-shaped; a pair of short, single filamented ascoids are presented on flagellomere 3 and following; apiculus absent on flagellomere 13. Palpus formula = 1.0:1.2:1.3:2.1 ( Fig. 7 View FIGURES 7–12 ). Wing ( Figs. 10–11 View FIGURES 7–12 ): lanceolate, Sc short, not reaching C; R2+3 and R5 not connected to Rs; R3 connected to R2; R5 ending at tip of wing; M2 not connected to M1; M3 not connected to common vein of M; CuA2 not connected to CuA1; CuA2 reaching C; C with break in the anal area ( Fig. 11 View FIGURES 7–12 ). Abdomen ( Fig. 12 View FIGURES 7–12 ): sternites II –V with internal sclerotized chitinous bands without tuft of bristles. Terminalia ( Figs. 13–14 View FIGURES 13–15 ): hypandrium sclerotized, stripe like, narrow ( Fig. 13 View FIGURES 13–15 ); gonocoxites longer than wide ( Fig. 13 View FIGURES 13–15 ); gonostylus with approximately the same length of gonocoxite, with base wider than apex ( Fig. 13 View FIGURES 13–15 ); ejaculatory apodeme 2.0 times the length of gonocoxite, hemicircular ( Fig. 13 View FIGURES 13–15 ). Aedeagus symmetrical, bifid, subcylindrical ( Fig. 13 View FIGURES 13–15 ); aedeagal spines lacking. Parameral sheath present, subcylindrical with distal apex tectiform ( Fig. 13 View FIGURES 13–15 ), ventrally complex, with sclerite anteriorly bifid articulated to gonocoxal apodemes ( Fig. 14 View FIGURES 13–15 ). Epandrium plate-like ( Fig. 13 View FIGURES 13–15 ); subepandrial sclerite Y-shaped, with distal arms sclerotized; hypoproct micropilose, ( Fig. 13 View FIGURES 13–15 ); epiproct smaller than hypoproct, triangular ending after the distal margin of hypropoct ( Fig. 13 View FIGURES 13–15 ); cerci digitiform, 2.2 times the length of gonostylus with one apical tenaculum ( Fig. 13 View FIGURES 13–15 ).

Female ( Fig. 15 View FIGURES 13–15 ). Similar to male except for the following: subgenital plate wider basally; hypovalve bifid; oviduct as figured; cerci conical wider basally with a basal rugose area in the ventral surface.

Distribution. Known only from the type locality.

Type material. Holotype: 1♂, BRAZIL, Bahia, Mucugê, Projeto Sempre Viva , 12°59’32.3”S 41°20’31.2”W, 945 m asl, 15.v.2015, Bravo, F. col. ( MZFS). Paratypes GoogleMaps   : 13 ♂ and 27 ♀ same data as holotype (8 ♂ and 20 ♀ ( MZFS) GoogleMaps   ; 5 ♂ and 7 ♀ (BMNH).

Etymology. The name of the species is based on type locality.

Remarks. The presence of internal sclerotized chitinous bands in the abdominal sternites II –V in Maruina mucugensis   sp. nov., is a unique characteristic between the Maruina   species. Sternal sclerotized chitinous bands are observed for three species of Maruina   ( Aculcina   ). In M. caceresi Wagner, 1988   and M. guria   the sclerotized chitinous bands are present in sternites V –VIII and M. colombicana Wagner & Joost, 1994   in sternites VI –VIII. Wagner & Joost (1994) proposed that the sclerotized bands keep the abdomen retracted through the action of muscles attached to them.