Pseudolycoriella zealandica,

Köhler, Arne, 2019, The genus Pseudolycoriella Menzel & Mohrig, 1998 (Diptera, Sciaridae) in New Zealand, Zootaxa 4707 (1), pp. 1-69: 16

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Pseudolycoriella zealandica


Pseudolycoriella zealandica  complex

The Pseudolycoriella zealandica  complex consists of probably three species— Pseudolycoriella zealandica, Psl.  aotearoa  , and the undescribed Psl. sp. II. Individuals have a relatively large body, and thus the largest New Zealand Pseudolycoriella  specimens can be found in this complex. The males of the described species are characterized by two gonostylar spines, and the trapezoid tegmen with a broad hood-like structure (hs in Fig. 12View FIGURES 12–13). Their phylogenetic relationship is shown in Figure 61View FIGURE 61.

Discussion. The Psl. zealandica  complex can be assigned to the Psl. bruckii  group without any contradictions. It is not possible to state which morphological characters might be regarded as autapomorphies of this complex, because the undescribed species is located basally in the clade of the Psl. zealandica  complex. Therefore, conclusions about the ground plan of the Psl. zealandica  complex are not possible. It can only be stated that this complex comprises the largest species of Pseudolycoriella  in New Zealand. Nevertheless, the monophyly is clearly indicated by genetic data.