Japanagallia sumatrana, C.A.Viraktamath, 2011

C. A. Viraktamath, 2011, Revision of the Oriental and Australian Agalliini (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Megophthalminae) 2844, Zootaxa 2844, pp. 1-118: 91-92

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Japanagallia sumatrana

sp. nov.

Japanagallia sumatrana   sp. nov.

Figs 19, 456–462.

Color. Black with yellow markings. Face ochraceous with black spot on either side of median line visible dorsally, median stripe, clypeus below ocelli, clypellus, lora, antennal cavities, black. Pronoutm black with posterior margin yellow. Scutellum black, caudal and lateral margin beyond impressed line dark ochraceous. Forewings chocolate brown with claval veins, claval sutures and some veins of corium dark ochraceous. Legs pale fuscous.

Male genitalia. Pygofer with posterior margin with two-thirds of superior portion truncate, remaining third rounded; caudodorsal margin with C-shaped mesal process; caudo-ventral margin rounded, ventral margin rounded at anterior end then excavated. Aedeagus ventral process as long as dorsal apodeme and atrium, with three pronglike apical prolongations, lateral margin serrate; shaft curved dorsally, tubular, with lateral denticle asymmetrically placed about midlength ( Fig. 462), gonopore apical, with lateral short processes. Anal collar without processes.

Measurements. Male 4.7 mm long, 1.4 mm wide across eyes.

Material examined. INDONESIA: HOLOTYPE ♂, Sumatra: Volc. Sinabung, 1800–2000m, 9.vi.1990, I. Dworakowska ( UASB).  

Remarks. J. sumatrana   resembles J. javana   but differs in the structure of the pygofer process and aedeagus.


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