Japanagallia mussooriensis, C.A.Viraktamath, 2011

C. A. Viraktamath, 2011, Revision of the Oriental and Australian Agalliini (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Megophthalminae) 2844, Zootaxa 2844, pp. 1-118: 87-88

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Japanagallia mussooriensis

sp. nov.

Japanagallia mussooriensis   sp. nov.

Figs 30, 76 –79,428–434, 571, 585, 600.

Color. Black. Vertex yellow with spot on inner angle of eye, one median spot continued on face, and two lateral somewhat oval spots, black. Face black excepting lateral areas, antennal ledges, area mesad of compound eyes and dorsad of ocellus, yellow or ochraceous. Pronotum black with hind margin yellow. Scutellum black except apical yellow area. Claval veins, area on either side of claval suture brown, apical half of forewings dark brown, basal half black; anal margin between inner claval vein, apices of outer claval veins and claval suture, whitish. Femora black with apices brownish, remaining of fore and middle legs ochraceous, hind legs dark fuscous. Subgenital plates dark brown.

Male genitalia. Pygofer caudally narrowed, recurved into dorsal acute process with tooth-like projections on outer margin basally. Dorsal apodeme and preatrium of aedeagus well developed making aedeagus anchor-shaped in lateral aspect; shaft with pair of basal processes, series of three processes on preatrium and on dorsal apodeme ( Fig. 433); process on apex of dorsal apodeme lamellate and bilobed, aedeagal shaft brown pigmented, with large oblique gonopore. Anal collar process broadened caudally with series of round perforations.

Measurements. Male and female 4.0 mm long, 1.37 mm wide across eyes.

Material examined. INDIA: HOLOTYPE ♂, Uttaranchal : Mussoorie, 27.iv.1975, C.A. Viraktamath ( UASB)   . PARATYPES: 2 ♂, same data as holotype; 1 ♂, Mundali , Jaunsa Division , Dehra Dun dist. Alt. 9000 ft (2730 m), 12.v.1910, 2965/21, Indian Museum Coll. Distant Coll. B.M. 1911-383 ( BMNH, UASB)   . MYANMAR: 1 ♂, Kambaiti 7000ft (2113m), 30.iv.1934, R. Malaise, B.M. 1935-630 ( BMNH)   . Additonal material   : INDIA: 1 ♂, Mundali , Jaunsa Divison, Dehra Dun dist., 900oft, 12.v.[19]10, Ind. Mus. From Ind. Mus. Distant Coll. B.M. 1911-383 ( BMNH)   ; NEPAL: 2 ♂, 2 ♀, Kathmandu , Chandragiri, V.K. Thapa ( UASB)   .

Remarks. J. mussooriensis   resembles J. malaisei   but can be readily distinguished by the structure of the pygofer and aedeagus. The specimens from Mussoorie were collected on slopes on one side of the path covered with grass and annual herbs belonging to the family Asteraceae   .


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