Japanagallia javana, C.A.Viraktamath, 2011

C. A. Viraktamath, 2011, Revision of the Oriental and Australian Agalliini (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Megophthalminae) 2844, Zootaxa 2844, pp. 1-118: 84-85

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Japanagallia javana

sp. nov.

Japanagallia javana   sp. nov.

Figs 413–417.

Male (color). Two spots on vertex, median stripe, spot on lateral margin of ocelli, area of face limited basally by inverted V across antennal cavity, black. Margin of gena, short, transverse band on gena dorsad of lorum, upper part of face including vertex, yellowish brown. Ocelli red. In holotype male two spots on vertex and median stripe meet basally resulting in short black band. Pronotum black excepting lateral and caudal yellowish brown margins. Scutellum black except caudolateral yellowish brown margins. Forewings, thoracic pleura, legs and abdomen fuscous, claval veins and claval suture ochraceous. In two males venation is ochraceous, in other four, veins concolorous with cells. Subgenital plates ochraceous.

Male genitalia. Pygofer lobe apparently caudally truncate, dorsally pointed, with mesal short triangular process ( Fig. 414). Connective longer than broad, lacks dark pigmentation. Aedeagal shaft and preatrium together forming U; shaft erect, caudodorsally directed, with pair of anteroventrally directed short apical processes, ventral process about as long as shaft and as in Fig.417, dorsal apodeme well developed, gonopore large, apical.

Female (color). Paler than male, ochraceous. Two somewhat rounded spots on vertex, frontoclypeus, clypellus ventrad of inverted V across antennal ledges below eyes, antennal cavities black, very narrow median stripe on vertex and face between ocelli, spot on lateral margins of each ocellus, fuscous. Ocelli red. Black markings on pronotum and scutellum variable. Scutellum brown with two triangles at basal angles and median stripe (some times absent), fuscous. Forewings lighter in color, cells vary in color from brown to fuscous, venation ochraceous. Pronotal pleura and abdominal sterna infuscated.

Female genitalia. Seventh sternite about half as long as broad, caudal margin slightly sinuate.

Measurements. Male 5.04 (4.70–5.34) mm long, 1.47 (1.42–1.50) mm wide across eyes. Female 5.46 (5.05– 5.80) mm long, 1.67 (1.59–1.73) mm wide across eyes.

Material examined. INDONESIA: HOLOTYPE ♂, Java: Tjibodas: Mt. Gede, 5000ft (1517 m), Bryant and Palmer ( NMNH)   . PARATYPES: INDONESIA: Java: 1 ♂, samedata as holotype ( NMNH)   ; 1 ♂, Pongrangyo Mt., 9800ft (3173 m), Bryant and Palmer ( NMNH)   ; 3 ♂, 2 ♀, Tjibodas, 4000–7000ft (1213–2113 m), xii.1908, Terry ( BPBM)   .

Remarks. J. javana   resembles closely J. curvata   sp. nov. from which it can be readily distinguished by the structure of aedegus and pygofer.


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