Scolecophidia, Dumeril & Bibron, 1844

Venczel, Márton & Stiuc, Emanoil, 2008, Late middle Miocene amphibians and squamate reptiles from Taut ,, Romania, Geodiversitas 30 (4), pp. 731-763: 755

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Scolecophidia   indet. ( Fig. 13G, H View FIG )

MATERIAL EXAMINED. — Five fragmentary trunk vertebrae ( ISER Tt-0480/1-5).


All the vertebrae are of small size; the centrum length

of the largest one is 1.64 mm. The centrum lacks

Late middle Miocene amphibians and reptiles from Taut,, Romania

a haemal keel and it is provided with one or two subcentral foramina ( Fig. 13H View FIG ). The neural arch is depressed, devoid of neural spine ( Fig. 13G View FIG ); the synapophyses are undivided and have a hemispherical shape. The zygosphenal roof in all the specimens is damaged, but some of them preserve small lateral lobes. The prezygapophyses are elongated anteroposteriorly. The prezygapophyseal processes, preserved in two specimens only, equal in length the diameter of the prezygapophyseal articular facets. The paracotylar foramina are lacking in all the vertebrae. The cotyle and the condyle are depressed dorsoventrally.


All the above described morphological features are shared by members of Typhlopidae Merrem, 1820   , Leptotyphlopidae Stejneger, 1892   and Anomalepididae Taylor, 1939   , consequently the available material cannot be assigned within scolecophidians.

Infraorder ALETHINOPHIDIA Nopcsa, 1923  


Institutul Speologie Emil G. Racovita