Idiops tolengo Ferretti, 2017

Ferretti, N., Nime, M. & Mattoni, C., 2017, Three new Idiops (Mygalomorphae: Idiopidae) from Argentina and redescription of the male of I. hirsutipedis Mello-Leitão, 1941, Journal of Natural History (J. Nat. Hist.) 51 (17 - 18), pp. 975-994 : 990-992

publication ID 10.1080/00222933.2017.1319516

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Idiops tolengo Ferretti

sp. nov.

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Type material

Holotype female. Argentina, Santiago del Estero, Dique Los Quiroga (27°39′11.29″ S – 64° 21′40.89″ W), 6 January 1985, C. Szumik and P. Goloboff col. (MACN-Ar36723). GoogleMaps


Females can be distinguished from those of the other Argentinean species of Idiops by the ~14 cuspules on labium and approximately 90 cuspules in maxillae ( Figure 12 View Figure 12 (b)), absence of prolateral and retrolateral spines on tarsi III and IV, and by spermathecae shaped like a golf club with apical receptacles directed inwards and approximately 2 times wider than ducts, which have a slightly median curvature and basal area highly sclerotised ( Figure 12 View Figure 12 (d)).


The species is a name in apposition of ‘Johny Tolengo’, a famous TV character created and interpreted by the Argentine actor Juan Carlos Calabró (1934–2013). Johny Tolengo was a Buenos Aires socialite created in the TV show ‘Calabromas’ during the 1980s, representing a famous singer, and some of his songs were adopted by soccer fans.


Female holotype (MACN-Ar36723). Colouration (in alcohol): carapace, chelicerae and legs uniformly light brown ( Figure 12 View Figure 12 (a)), abdomen grayish. Total length 15.70; carapace 6.75 long, 6.50 wide. Carapace oval; fovea deep, strongly procurved, 1.62 wide. Ocular group 1.58 long, 1.50 wide. ALE situated far in advance of the rest ( Figure 12 View Figure 12 (c)). Posterior row slightly procurved. Distance between AME and ALE 0.46. Eye sizes and interdistances: AME 0.2, PME 0.24, ALE 0.39, PLE 0.36, AME–AME 0.19, PLE–PME 0.12, PME–PME 0.35. Labium 0.89 long, 1.04 wide, with 14 cuspules, labiosternal groove shallow. Maxillae with 86/91 (right/left) cuspules located on anterior half of article. Chelicerae with 6 promarginal teeth and 7 retromarginal teeth, rastellum conspicuous on a distinct process. Sternum elongated; 4.74 long, 3.93 wide with thin setae on entire surface ( Figure 12 View Figure 12 (b)). Leg formula 4-1-2-3, morphometry (femur, patella, tibia, metatarsus, tarsus, total): I: 4.4, 2.51, 3.06, 1.94, 1.11, 13.02. II: 3.8, 2.38, 2.6, 2.09, 1.18, 12.05. III: 2.96, 2.79, 1.83, 2.29, 1.85, 11.72. IV: 4.04, 3.38, 3.66, 3.21, 2.37, 16.66. Palp: 3.69, 2.31, 2.78, –, 2.79, 11.57. Spines: Palp: femur 2p, patella 1p, tibia 4-6-12p, 3-5-10r, tarsus 13-11-10r, 14-12- 13p. I: femur 0, patella 0, tibia 3-7-9r, 4-4-8p, metatarsus 8-9-7r, 10-14-8p, tarsus 5-3-3r, 4-5- 3p. II: femur 0, patella 0, tibia 2-4-5p, 1-1v, metatarsus 1-1v, 5-3-2r, 10-9-7p, tarsus 3-1-2r, 5-2- 4p. III: femur 0, patella 4d, 7-5-17p, tibia 1v, 3-7-8p, 0-2-4r, metatarsus 1-1-1d, 6-3-1r, 9-4-4p, 1-1-3v, tarsus 7-8-4v. IV: femur 0. patella 46-24-0p, tibia 1-1v, metatarsus 1p, 1-1-1-1-3v, 1d, tarsus 3-9-10v. Scopulae: absent on legs I–IV. Tibia of leg III normal. Spermathecae as in Figure 12 View Figure 12 (d).

Male. Unknown.


Known only from the type locality ( Figure 13 View Figure 13 ).

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