Homogryllacris brevipenna, Du, Baojie, Bian, Xun & Shi, Fuming, 2016

Du, Baojie, Bian, Xun & Shi, Fuming, 2016, Notes on the genus Homogryllacris Liu, 2007 (Orthoptera: Gryllacrididae: Gryllacridinae) with description of two new species from China, Zootaxa 4111 (2), pp. 187-193: 190-191

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Homogryllacris brevipenna

sp. nov.

7. Homogryllacris brevipenna  sp. nov.

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http://lsid.speciesfile.org/urn:lsid: Orthoptera  .speciesfile.org:TaxonName: 477715

Male. Body medium. Fastigium verticis about 1.5 times as broad as scape, apices obtuse. Eyes ovate; ocelli small and indistinct. Pronotum nearly hexagonal, anterior margin and posterior margin subparallel, lateral lobes trapezoid, longer than high. Tegmina short, left and right not overlapping, apices not reaching posterior margin of first abdominal tergite. Fore and middle femora unarmed ventrally; fore and middle tibiae with 5 pairs of spines on ventral surface of each side; dorsal surface of middle tibia with 1 inner apical spine. Hind femora with 2–4 spines on inner and outer margins of ventral surface; hind tibiae with 5 inner spines and 5–6 outer spines on dorsal surface, 1 pair of dorsal apical spines, 2 pairs of ventral apical spines, and 1 pair of ventral subapical spines. Ninth abdominal tergite slightly elongate, trapezoidal, posterior margin with a semicircular concavity. Tenth abdominal tergite very short, in the middle of posterior margin with a pair of processes, curved ventrad, basal area decussate, apical area spine-shaped. Subgenital plate subquadrate, posterior margin with 1 remarkable triangular concavity in the middle, lateral lobes triangular, apices acute. Styli slightly long, cylindrical, located on both sides of posterior margin of subgenital plate. Cerci long conical, as long as subgenital plate.

Coloration. Body yellow. Eyes blackish brown, ocelli yellowish. Inner margin and ventral margin of antennal socket, and apex of scape black; base of scape, base of pedicel, and fastigium verticis with blackish spots. Pronotum with reddish marks in the middle, surrounding margins brown. Veins of tegmina brownish, cells translucent. Basal areas of all femora and tibiae reddish; ventral surface of fore and middle tibiae with yellowish spines; ventral surface of hind femora and dorsal surface of hind tibiae with spines yellowish, their apices blackish brown. First to sixth abdominal tergites amaranthine, seventh to ninth abdominal tergites black. Apical part of processes of tenth abdominal tergite brown.

Female. Unknown.

Measurements(mm). BL: ♂ 15.0; PL: ♂ 4.0; HF: ♂ 10.2; TL: ♂ 3.5.

Holotype. ♂, Haokang, Gaoligongshan, Yunnan, 25 July 2012, collected by Jishan Xu.

Distribution. China (Yunnan).

Discussion. The new species is similar to Homogryllacris anelytra Shi, Guo & Bian, 2012  , but differs from the latter in: tegmina short; processes of male tenth abdominal tergite curved ventrad. In H. anelytra  , tegmina absent, processes of male tenth abdominal tergite curved outward.

Etymology. The name of the new species is derived from the morphology of the tegmina.